Monday, December 10, 2012

Coming Up to Breathe

I've been barely able to catch my breath over the last month or so with all the activities going on in the lives of myself, my husband, and my kiddos ... including transporting myself back in time to the 1940s for our church Christmas production this past weekend.

Those two girls with me are some of my most favorite people to sing with EVER! We've been singing together for years. I just love 'em to pieces!

Now, I'm getting back to reality and working on clean-up and organization of all the things I've pushed to the side while this busy time was going on. Not only do I need to catch up on things like piles of paperwork and to-do lists at work, but also piles of laundry, Christmas shopping, and the dreaded grocery shopping so that I can cook at least a few meals for my family this week and not feed them Ramen or sandwiches. (Although, my girls could eat Ramen for all three meals every day. Not the healthiest thing, you know.)

I strongly dislike the fact that when you're coming out of such a busy time, that you still have to play catch-up, when all you really want to do is stay home, curl up on the couch, watch movies, and sleep. Booooooooooo.

But, relaxation is right around the corner. I'm excited about being able to spend some much-needed time with my family and some alone time with my hubby actually coming up this weekend. Beau and I will be heading to NOLA this weekend to celebrate our anniversary. Yep. Eighteen years married to this wonderful man! I'm excited!

Well ... there's the dryer calling my name. Goodie.

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thirstysouthernsoul said...

Happy anniversary and enjoy NOLA! We haven't been there in so long, and I miss it!