Thursday, November 1, 2012

So glam!

The annual Halloween alternative was held at our church last night.

Thank God because I hate hiding all night in my house because I don't have any candy. Trick-or-Treaters ... Jehovah's Witnesses ... Politicians ... same thing.

It's sad to think that this may have been the last night my youngest will dress up. As we stood in line for her to get her picture taken, she said, "Mom, am I too old for this?" To which I replied, "Of course not." But, next year she'll be 13 and a teenager in the youth group. So, I'm banking on this being the last year.


My babies are growing up. All the years of dressing up are gone. No more princesses, fairies, or butterflies. Boo hoo.

{Barbara Streisand singing "Memories" in the background}

{more tears}

But, enough with the tears ...

The theme was "Shine" and my girl went as gold ...

24 Karat Gold, that is.

(Pictures don't do her justice. She was doused in gold glitter spray and make-up. 
She even had gold sequins on her eyelashes.)

A little closer ...

Fun was had by all! And we'll have glitter throughout our home for at least a year or so. But, as I always say ... You can never have too much glitter!

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Penny said...

Oh, how fun!! And you're right -- no such thing as too much glitter, lol!