Monday, October 1, 2012

No Big Deal

(Look how sweet I was.)
Yeah. I'm 41 today.

Not a big deal really.


Yesterday the celebration began with a home-cooked birthday lunch at my parents' house, which included, not one, but two of my favorite desserts. (My mom tends to go overboard.) Grilled steaks, salad, baked potato, and halibut fresh from the Alaskan seas were on the menu. Yummo!

Desserts were creme brulee' & creme d'ange ... Can you see a pattern here? Both French and both with cream. Anything with heavy whipping cream is my favorite.

The day got even better with a Sunday nap. And, a long Sunday nap at that! YES!!

Today, my sweet hubby will be taking me to brunch and then shopping. Sounds great to me!

The only downside to today is that nasty 5-mile run I have to make this morning on my poor little size-7 feet. Yep. I'm convinced that's why I have such foot pain. My little feet just can't handle the weight of my body on these long runs. They're screaming at me!

Today, I am so grateful for life. 
I am grateful for all God's blessed me with. There will be no complaining about getting older or my age. I feel great! And, I am just plain blessed.
(If you wanna bless me even more, I will not turn away any gifts or cash. ;))

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sara said...

Happy Birthday!!! I loved my 40s and actually am pretty happy in my 50s too!

Have a great day and enjoy all the pampering from your family and friends!!

btw, am impressed you run on your birthday.....I think that would be a good excuse not to, well any excuse would be good for me! ha!