Monday, September 17, 2012

Why would you put yourself through so much torture?

That's the question I get a lot lately related to running.

Yes. It is torture at times ... the bleeding feet, the shooting pains you have to push through while you run, the aching muscles, the blisters, the long runs where you think you're "knock, knock, knockin' on heaven's do-o-or" (that's Guns & Roses singing there).

You know what? I really don't know why.

It is kinda ridiculous when you think about it. 
Why would you intentionally put yourself through such pain? What do you gain when you could just easily run a couple of miles or walk or take an aerobics class or go to the gym for 30 minutes or an hour a few times a week? The pain in those workouts are not nearly as bad and you could get basically the same results as far as weight loss goes.

But, for me, personally, it's not about weight loss. Would I like to drop 10 pounds? Yes. 15 would be ideal. But, that's not my goal and not what my focus is. 
My focus is the end result. My focus is reaching a goal that I have set for myself.

There is personal satisfaction in setting a goal for yourself that, from the onset, seems impossible.

Did I ever think I could run 8 miles without stopping? No. But, I did, which causes me to think that maybe I could run 9 without stopping next week. Then, 10 the following. Then, ultimately 13.1. It's starting to look like it could happen ... something I never fathomed could be possible for me and my little short legs.

Last night, I did run 8 miles, with the help of my running buddies. Thank God for them. Running for an hour and a half alone would be pure misery.

I'm pretty proud of us. We ran those 8 miles bruised up after completing an adventure trail run the day before. We are beastin' this!

It really is all about pushing yourself to do something you thought you could never do. It has become the motto of my life. Trust me. I'd be much more content and less stressed to sit at home and do minimal in every area of my life. But, that's not what life's about.

My friend, Laura, mentioned a full marathon during our run last night. I wanted to trip her, but I laughed and told her I had no desire for that. Amber, the little one in the middle, agreed. 

But, then I thought, there was a time when my goal was a 5K, then a 10K. Now ... half-marathon. But, mark my words that on this day I firmly hold to my stance against a full marathon. Let's see how that holds.

Pray for me ... less than a month before the race. I need supernatural help and strength with this 40-year-old body.

(And, by the way, the daily run doesn't ever get easier to start. You just do it. And, then, one day, you discover you're faster.)


Penny said...

Agreed that the daily run never gets easier to start -- but you always feel better after it. =)

I agree on the whole no full marathon thing. I just don't have time to train for a full. A half takes up a ton of time as it is!

Rach@In His Hands said...

Go you!!! Cheering you on!