Monday, September 24, 2012

Is there such a thing as organizational OCD?

Blogging has really been the last thing on my mind lately.

I've been living life at warp speed the past few weeks. I'm entering one of the busiest seasons at work and home ... mucho women's events, Christmas productions, conferences, Bible studies, half-marathon training, soccer games, soccer practices, cheerleading practices, swim practices, swim meets, not to mention SCHOOL, and let's not forget ... birthdays & holidays AND all the things in-between.

It's a lot.

I do tend to have moments of panic. But, then after a few hours ... I calm.

I find it difficult to focus on multiple things at one time and make them all excellent. I feel like there's always something that's gonna suffer. Boo that.

I'd love to be great at everything and do everything perfectly. But, that's not the case. I do make mistakes. I know ... shocker.

And, when I do make mistakes, I hate it. I am my worst critic. I think that's the case for everyone. So, I really don't need anyone to tell me when I mess up. Trust me. I already know and have agonized over it. There's no need for anyone to chime in.

OK. I don't really make THAT many mistakes. But, there are some.
  (I didn't want you to think I was a slacker or dimwit.)

Anyway ... I think that if we could each have one thing that we could focus on, our lives would be SO much easier. And, that ONE thing could be awesome!

But, alas, that's not possible in life. We have to learn to multi-task. And, that's hard. It makes me tired just thinking about it.

The one thing that keeps me organized is my calendar. Actually, I have 2 calendars because that's how much I love staying organized. I did have 3, but thought that it may have been a little ridiculous and I may have a problem.

I use Cozi on my phone and computer and carry around a planner that I write in. Having my to-do lists, appointments, and kids' schedules in both places helps me stay on track. (That 3rd calendar I had was a large desk calendar at work, but downsized to just the 2.)

Just having the 2 calendars is probably overkill for most people, but I need it in multiple places.

I can't be the only person that has this problem.

There's gotta be someone out there that gets giddy over the sight of this:

Or this:

Or this:

I LOVE these!

A new calendar means a fresh start ... a new month. That probably has something to do with why I like them so much!

Come on ... any other calendar addicts out there?


Bri Blakney said...

I LOVE getting new paper calendars.
And I Use the iCalendar on my with iCloud it links me and Lee together. But my favorite is getting a pretty new one like your first pictures. Yes, it makes me giddy just seeing it!!!

Rachel Quebedeaux said...

Yeah, I have several, one on the wall at home.....the phone and iPad......I am just glad they all sync up...except the wall one.

I tried Cozi...liked it, love the email reminders....but it is easier to press the cal button on my phone......

Dana Dawn Calverette said...

Oh. You just made me swoon! Love the calendars! {I think I may be checking out this Cozi that you've mentioned. Why have I never heard of it before?} Anyway, I have been told {thank you, Tammy} that I might have a {mild} case of OCD. Who wants to function in chaos and disarray, anyway? Being organized is, well, so pretty and neat.

Amy@My Front Porch said...

Oh with you. I use my Outlook calendar and it syncs with my phone, I have my meal planning and school calendar on the fridge and a paper planner that I carry around in my purse. And every year I agonize over which planner I should buy -- love that aisle in the store, makes my heart go pitter patter ;)