Monday, September 10, 2012

In case you missed it ...

The hubs and I went on quite a trek from the bayou to the mountains. It was a VERY long drive ... about 20 hours there, pulling an extremely heavy trailer, through Hurricane Isaac and up the mountains, then back. It was quite an adventure.

During this trip, we came up with 24 different road trip facts. We posted them on Facebook and got lots of comments during our journey. So, I decided to post them here, not only for posterity, but also for your benefit.

Shreveport, LA - Road trip fact #1: The reason Boston's guitar player sounds different from all the others is because he made his own stuff (details given but not comprehended). This is gonna be a fun trip!! More facts to come I'm sure! 

Marshall, TX - Road trip fact #2: My wife just said, "There's an awesome song from 'Camp Rock 2' that I wish we could sing."

Garden Valley, TX - Road trip fact #3: When you wear a New Orleans Saints t-shirt in North Texas, people automatically assume you're a hurricane evacuee. Texans don't own Saints shirts.

Electra, TX - Road Trip Fact #4: A Ford Expedition, even the loaded-up King Ranch, is still a truck. It's no GS300.

Claude, TX - Road Trip Fact #5: Dairy Queen has a magical draw no matter where you're going. North TX has jalitos! :)

Claude, TX - Road Trip Fact #6: Colorado would be a lot closer to Louisiana if it weren't for Texas. Mais la, dat ting is big, baw! (for those of you who don't speak Cajun, I am referring to the very large land mass that is TX) 

Amarillo, TX - Road Trip Fact #7: If you're ever in Claude, TX, just know ... There's only 1 toilet & it's at the Dairy Queen. Be prepared to wait half an hour.

Fritch, TX - Road Trip Fact #8: When programming the Ford Synch Navigation System, when you, in frustration, say "yo mama" as a destination, it translates that as shopping mall.

Clayton, NM - Road Trip Fact #9: Pandora is pure genius! Who else would know that Frank Sinatra & Ozzy Osbourne belong in my Journey playlist? (I did give old blue eyes a thumbs up!) 

Clayton, NM - Road Trip Fact #10: Lafayette, LA to Denver, CO is a 20-hour drive. You could make it in about 5.5 hours if it weren't for Clayton, NM's 30-mph speed limit. They're proud of their town.

Pueblo, CO - Road Trip Fact #11: It appears as though people who live in Southern CO would fall into these categories: Ranchers, Polygamists, & Hoarders. (maybe even an outlaw or 2)

Pueblo, CO - Road Trip Fact #12: Everyone in America is infatuated with the interstate's left lane. Guys ... It's for passing. Move it! 

Pueblo West, CO - Road Trip Fact #13: Every small town may not have a police station or post office, but they do have a Chinese buffet.

Bethune, CO - Road Trip Fact #14: Bike racks are pretentious. Yeah ... We get it. You ride a bike.

Kanorado, KS - Road Trip Fact #15: Kanorado? As if Texarkana wasn't bad enough. America ... Let's get more original with what we name these towns that border multiple states. What's next? Indiatucky?

Wilson, KS - Road Trip Fact #16: It's hard to take a nap when my wife's Pandora Radio channel wants to rock me like a hurricane.

Park City, KS - Road Trip Fact #17: Kansas knows what's up when it comes to setting speed limits! Louisiana, take note. 

Wichita, KS - Road Trip Fact #18: Listening to Kansas while actually in Kansas makes the trip more special.

Wellington, KS - Road Trip Fact #19: According to my husband, the true test of whether or not your breath stinks is not by breathing into your hands and smelling it, but by licking the back of your hand and then smelling it instead. 

Sand Springs, OK - Road Trip Fact #20: Getting a flat tire on a Ford Expedition loaded down with luggage & production equipment in the 100-degree Oklahoma heat is never a good thing.

Antlers, OK - Road Trip Fact #21: Funny how it's perfectly acceptable for the driver to have to stop at any time & potty, but if the passenger(s) has to go, he/she is shunned. 

Antlers, OK - Road Trip Fact #22: When you include your former city of residence in your road trip, your heart becomes full & you may even shed a tear or two. 

Mount Pleasant, TX - Road Trip Fact #23: Me: "I'm gonna try to take a nap." (3 minutes later) Me: (popping up from my reclined chair) "Did I sleep?" EVERY. STINKIN'. TIME. :(

Greenwood, LA - Road Trip Fact #24: Even though you know the second you open the door, the humidity will make you start sweating like you just finished an Insanity workout, it still feels good to be back in the Bayou State.

You're welcome.

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Tammy said...

I am so glad you decided to share them all at the same time, so I could laugh even harder and maybe even snort a few times. Thank you.

My favorites hands down: #21-24.
Good stuff right there.