Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Life Uncomplicated

That's how I felt about my life in Tulsa.

Beau and I drove back through Tulsa on our way home from Colorado. It had been a very long time since we'd been back. We were unaware of how much emotion we would feel from just that one night in the city.

Right after Beau and I got married, we moved to Tulsa from southern Louisiana. By "right after," I mean: wedding, honeymoon, and move to Tulsa. Lickety-split.

We spent six years there. Those years hold very special memories for us. I do think of it as a very uncomplicated time for us. It was simple. It was a brand-new life for two lovebirds who only cared about their new life together. It was so fun! We were footloose and fancy-free in a new city that we loved.

My feelings from those days can be best expressed in this 4-second, repeating monologue by Will Ferrell, in his portrayal of Buddy, the Elf.

The city holds so many memories for us. So much of Tulsa and our experiences there have formed a lot of who we are now ... Beau's work at Oral Roberts Television, my time at Oral Roberts University, great church experiences, great friendships formed, buying our first house, my first teaching experiences, and the birth of our first child.

So much time has passed since we were those young married people with a brand new baby. That baby is now 15.

We didn't expect the flood of emotion we would have as we drove past our very first house and then the different areas of the city that held different memories for us.

There were real tears. (mostly from Beau ... well, actually all from Beau, but I was still feeling it even though he said I had a "heart of stone.")

We realized we missed that time of our life. Everything goes by so quickly.

Of course, I wouldn't trade anything for where we are now, because God knows how we survived without La Petite Belle. But, there are moments in your life that you reflect on and really cherish. Our years in Tulsa were just this.

One of our fondest memories started after a night of dinner at this place, Zio's, definitely one of our favorite restaurants.

This was the place I ate right before going into labor with K Belle. Actually, I was already in labor as I ate, but didn't know it. I learned a valuable lesson that night: Never eat shrimp lasagna rolls right before you're about to push a baby out of you. Bad decision.

Then we drove by one of the places where I spent most of my time, ORU. So many memories and this school is truly incredible! I should know ... I attended three colleges.

The next morning we went over and parked like stalkers in front of our first house, reminiscing about how Beau had built the picket gate in the front and how K Belle used to swim in her baby pool under the tree. Beau also informed me that he bought a present for me one Christmas and forgot he had put it in one of the closets where I couldn't get to it and how it's still there. Nice.

The owners have since painted it, but it's still the same little house.

Seriously, seriously, seriously ... cherish EVERY moment! 

There were times and still are times that I consciously "cherish" a moment. I take a snapshot with my brain and tell myself not to ever forget what is or what was happening. But, as time goes by, unfortunately, we do forget.

That's the reason I blog and why I encourage everyone to blog. Every moment can be captured. I only wish blogging were around in 1994.

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The Hat Chick said...

Love the walks down memory lane. It's hard to believe it all ends so soon when you are in the day-to-day of newborn to baby days to toddlerhood. Before you know it, you have a teenager who is begging you to learn to drive. Where does the time go???