Thursday, August 9, 2012

Update on Life

I'm working on so many changes in my life right now. Some changes are ones I've made intentionally and other changes are being thrust upon me. I don't like those, but still have to deal with them.

I'm in the process of re-evaluating a lot of things in my life. It's almost too much re-evaluation at one time. My brain is overloaded.

First off, I know you're dying to hear how my half-marathon training is going. (sense sarcasm here) This, of course, is one of those intentional changes. I do question my decision to do this about halfway through each run when I'm trying desperately to avoid heat stroke and push through all my old-lady aches and pains.

But, so far, so good. I'm into my third week and haven't missed one day of running. The two days of cross-training have been hit-or-miss, but I honestly didn't care much about those to begin with and cut myself some slack there. Sometimes life is just too busy.

My long run this week is 5 miles. I'm getting closer and closer. Well. Sort of. Still 8 more to go after those 5. Ugh.

The bad news is I still can't fit into my skinny jeans. I'm pretty sure last October ... the day I hit the big 4 - 0 ... my metabolism stopped. It's refusing to pick up again.

Well, that ... and I like ice cream. Whatever. It is what it is.

Secondly, Beau and I are also working on living a lot more simply. I've sensed this move for us for some time now.

We are asking God for guidance on many things in our lives ... many decisions that need to be made.

Do you ever feel like you want to simplify your life? To sell everything and just start over?

That's kinda where I am. Of course, that's extreme, but we're somewhere in the middle right now, questioning everything and reassessing the value of so many things ... determining what is truly important in our lives. I don't know exactly what's going to happen, but I'm trusting God to show us what we need to do to be better stewards of all He's given us.

I have a feeling this may be a long process, but know that God's got a plan and He will be glorified in the end.

All this, combined with a certain LARGE amount of life's circumstances descending on us all at one time, have left me a little mopey the past few weeks, maybe months. It's not me and I don't like it. But, I'm not easily getting out of this funk.

I'm not depressed. I'm not sad. Just blah. 
(You may have noticed I'm not my normal jovial, fun self, especially here. My posts have been so Debbie Downer.)

Speaking of Debbie Downer ...

Hahaha! That always makes me laugh. Ok. I feel a little better. It could always be worse, right?
So, I continue to pursue God's plan, mopey or not, full of life's circumstances dragging me down, or on top of the world. It doesn't matter because I know He always has a plan and a purpose.

I guess I can't be the life of the party all the time. That wouldn't be fair to everyone else.

But, don't worry. I'm hoping to be back to my normal self at least by December, or maybe January. (because I can pinpoint it ... NOT. Duh.)

I do feel very thankful and blessed for the friends and people that God has placed in my life lately though. He knows exactly who you need at exactly the right time of your life. I love that!

OK. That made me smile. Guess I'm not as mopey as I thought.


Kraig said...

You are OPPOSITE of Debbie Downer. And we are sooo OPPOSITE of mad about calling you friend. (Now I feel OPPOSITE of cool!)

Penny said...

I, for one, am actually very excited about hearing about your halfie training. I'm so proud you haven't skipped a day! And, btw, I never did the cross training days and survived the halfies just fine. =) Hope those skinny jeans are back in business soon! ;)

Mama Belle said...

Kraig ... Thanks! We love you guys too. Y'all were the friends I was talking about ... well, Laura for sure for me. ;)

Penny ... That makes me feel a lot better.