Friday, August 17, 2012

Ready or not ...

School is back in session.

I am probably the ONLY mother who didn't get a picture of her kids off to school on the first day. And, also the ONLY mother who vowed to get a picture the second day and forgot yet again. Ugh. 

So, now it's been a week and I only have half of my children documented:

And that's the picture I got. Yep. Mother-of-the-Year Award indeed.

In the past week, my girls have had much success! K Belle made it to her classes on time and finally got her schedule settled. And, La Petite Belle sings the praises of her teacher every day, along with completing all her homework neatly without me even having to say a word about it. She's even setting out all her homework for me to check each night. Huh? Yay! Let's hope week 2 and 22 will be just as successful.

The waking-early thing is going to definitely take some time to get used to again. I HATE early wake-ups. They make me angry. Just ask Beau.

But, I have managed to be a good mom this week. I made breakfast each morning, and I don't mean cereal ... real stuff that included bacon. Mother-of-the-Year Award again!

Life is about to get more hectic for us,  just like it will for most families during this time.

K Belle has a full schedule, which includes choir with performances, and now swim team ... plus, let's not forget more piano and all she's involved in at church. Busy bee! Let's see if she can keep those grades up.

La Petite Belle continues with her sports with cheerleading and volleyball, and possibly more sports to come.

Whew! Mama's gonna be tired. But, we're anticipating a fantastic year!