Monday, August 20, 2012

I might be Scripturally incorrect.

We dove into a brand new TV series weeks ago and are hooked. Remember "Heroes"? It's no "24" but it'll do. Beau and I often wonder what would happen if Jack Bauer met up with any of these heroes. I'm sure it would make for good television. Jack has no superpowers but is obviously invincible. It'd be 24 hours of non-stop action that's for sure ... hmmm ... I should pitch that to FOX or at least Spike TV.

I do love "Heroes." It appeals to my imagination.

A few nights ago I dreamt I had superpowers. It was quite a nice dream.

But, I woke up wondering which superpowers I would really want if I could choose. Hmm ... super strength is definitely one of the coolest (that's the one I had in my dream). 

There's also the ability to read minds, but I think that might be a curse rather than something good.

There's flying. Boo. Who wants that besides 8-year-old boys?

Then there's the ability to regenerate yourself, meaning you never die or get hurt. That would seem like the logical one, but your power only consists of being a victim, no abilities to fight. So, no.

Super speed. Ummm ... nah.

I actually think the best power is the one to stop time and space. OK. I'd pick that one. You can literally go back and change things so they wouldn't happen. Time travel basically. Yep. I'll take that one.

Now, if I could combine super strength with time travel, I'd be in business.

But, enough about that. My question in this post really comes out of watching this show recently and if you've seen the show you understand why. So here it is:
Is power the root of all evil?

(I know. I get the most random thoughts & questions from the most ridiculous things. Just go with me. It's how my brain works. Maybe I do have a superpower after all?)

Power very well may be the root of all evil. Some say it's the love of money, which can go along with power of course. The Bible actually states that "the love of money is A root of all KINDS of evil." It says "a" root to all "kinds" of evil, which to me means there's more than one root. So, then there can be another root to all kinds of evil. (Correct me if I'm wrong.)

I really think that the pursuit and desire for power can turn into something really ugly. It can lead people to live long, lonely, miserable lives. Powerful people can alienate the people that love them most.

It happened to Lucifer. It was what he wanted. He didn't want God telling him what to do. He wanted to make his own choices. He wanted to be like God. It was his number one downfall ... a desire for power. Is power something anyone should even desire?

A lot of time when individuals gain positions of power, if they're not careful, they can become corrupt. We've seen it all too often, in not only the government, but also business and religious sectors. People with a lot of power can adopt the idea that others are there to serve them and that they themselves are more important than they actually are. They can think they too are invincible, like Jack Bauer.

There is a saying that says, "Absolute power corrupts absolutely." So true.

It's just foolish to not have checks and balances in place for every person in power in any area.

In fact, we need this in all of our lives. (Even our measly little powerless lives.)

Checks and balances are people that hold us accountable. I need that. You need that. Everyone does.

I think that's part of the reason God puts a desire for relationships in our lives. Part of it is not only because of the joy and support we get out of such relationships, but the accountability ... the holding us up to a higher standard. 

That's the hard part of relationships. Because honestly, who wants to be the person that starts quoting Scripture and getting in someone's face about an issue? No one. But, sometimes it just has to be said and has to be done.

Power or no-power, we need checks and balances.

But, I'm curious ... What do you think? Do you think power is the root of all evil? (It's a given that sin is a part of this. A sinful nature is part of the reason why people do lots of what they do. But, what do you think about power?)

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Penny said...

I think it's definitely a root of evil. I think with power comes pride (or maybe vice versa), and we all know how pride is a major stumbling block.