Monday, July 9, 2012

A Weekend of Failures

After this drab weekend, I definitely feel like this week will be a week of winning!

7 Failures in 2 Days:
1. I attempted to run Saturday morning. I walked outside with all my running gear to discover it was raining. Postponed my run until the afternoon. Fail.

2. I had this grand idea of cleaning out our downstairs closet while I waited for the rain to stop only to discover a leak in the floor of the closet. The floor was wet and ruined lots of irreplaceable baby pictures of the girls. I cried. Fail.

3. I headed outside to run again. As I was ending my measly first mile, it started to rain again. I high-tailed it back to the house. I figured there must be some conspiracy against me running that day & gave up. Fail.

4. Beau & I tried to work on yard work all weekend. Rain, rain, and more rain left our yard in a mushy mess ... the grass being half-cut is charming, weeds pulled all over the yard, half of the week-eating done. I'm sure my neighbors love it. Fail.

5. In cutting some ground cover on the side of our house, Beau came across a giant rat and scared that gross creature off to the neighbor's house. I now can't stop thinking about it and have to flip the light on when I go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. I hate those nasty things. Fear & Fail.

6. I quit my diet 2 days into it. Then, rebelliously ate half a pizza. Fail.

7. There was a lengthy hunt and distress in the house because the TV remote was lost. The search gave way to many new discoveries found in and behind the couch. There was some disgusting stuff in and back there. Remote was finally recovered after much ranting and raving. Fail & Found.

But ... speaking of failure ...

Hahaha! I amuse myself. Thank God that's not me wearing that shirt.

The most positive part of my weekend was getting half-way through Season 7 of "24". I am a total dork. It's ridiculous. I figure, at this rate, we'll be done with the series in a few weeks. Then, what will we do? Fail. I'm officially a the dorkiest of dorks.

So, I'm thanking God today that it's a new day!!

I'm heading out for another run while it's not pouring. Fingers crossed that I can run more than I did Saturday without encountering any rain.

(Another post dedicated to how boring my life is ... Geez.)

Addendum: Beau says, "You can add one other thing to your list of failures. You misspelled weed-eater in your post about failures." Nice. Fail again.


the domestic fringe said...

I'm sorry you had a bad weekend. Some days are just like that. At least for me. Your husband's comment about the weed-eater made me chuckle. Sorry.


My Dining Experience said...

Rotfl..Richard is too funny! I hope that this weekend is a much better weekend. My husband loves 24 too. I heard its a great show.

Penny said...

LOL!! In the summer, I will run in the rain. In fact, it was sprinkling (just about to rain really hard) in our neighborhood, and my hubby and I were driving, and I saw two girls running. And I said, "Oooh!! I just want to run out in the rain with them!!"

To which my husband declared I lost my mind. LOL.

Gretchen said...

Hope you next few days were extremely excellent! Nice to read a post written in reality!! Thankful for Lamentations 3:23…new mercies EVERY morning!