Friday, July 6, 2012

Less Serious Post

I felt like I needed to post something light and less controversial today. I don't particularly care for a post with the words "porn" and "strippers" to be at the top of my blog page. Or a post with comments where people don't agree with me because we all know that I am right at least 99.5% of the time.

Whatever. Live in denial, people. Live in denial.

I did get a lot of feedback from the post and the majority of it was in total support and agreement. Probably because it's the truth.

So ... a lighter post, huh?

(Hmm ... lighter post, lighter post ... um ... thinking ... thinking ...)

Things about this week? OK.

1. I started a new diet yesterday, which I already made plans to cheat on by Wednesday.

BORING. And, typical.

2. I started Season 7 of  "24" and don't want to think about my life when I'm finished the series.


3. I'm celebrating National Fried Chicken Day by eating fish tonight.


4. The weed-eater I bought for Beau last year for Father's Day broke. He was able to return it to Lowe's and get cash. New plan is to return weed-eaters every year for new ones because that's about how long those stupid things last.


5. La Petite Belle learned what being chaffed is all about from being drenched on the 4th and playing for hours after. My advice to her before she went to bed was classic motherly advice: "Just sleep in your panties with your legs open." What? After I said it, I giggled.

BORING. But, funny.

6. I had these pictures printed out this week for Beau that my friend, Chris Deville, took of the girls and me.

DEFINITELY BORING to you, but not me.

7. I found a wealth of wisdom on Pinterest this week.

Hahahaha! My husband is super trust-worthy. 

Yes. My life is truly boring. And, I love it.

I think I'll go to the pool.

Have a grand weekend, my peeps!


Lana soileau said...

Love it!

Anonymous said...

It's shocking how much your daughters are growing up. I guess I haven't seen a photo of them in a while. Wow! Your oldest is like a mini you. Beautiful. You are blessed.

BTW, I appreciate the controversial post.

Tammy said...

ha! You make me laugh out loud! That last part had me rolling. I too am super duper trust worthy. LOL