Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Controversial Post #136

Some may see some of my posts as "controversial." I know this because that's what I've been told. But, I don't think I'm controversial at all. I simply speak the truth. So, I guess if speaking the truth is synonymous with being controversial then I guess I am guilty.

So here goes ...

Something has really been bothering me and I just have to get it off my chest. I've talked about it with some of my friends and they are also in agreement.

Women are celebrating something they have always detested: Porn.

Not porn that they hated their husbands looking at, but porn that they are partaking in themselves. Some may even claim it's not porn & defend it, while others don't even realize the truth of what it is.

Let me explain and give you a confession at the same time.

I was wanting to get a good romance novel a few weeks ago for the long flights I was about to be on. I checked out iTunes and saw the title "Fifty Shades of Grey" as the number one best-seller, and I honestly thought it was a romance novel. I didn't bother to read about it, but just quickly downloaded it before my flight.

First ... before you fall out on the floor, let me explain:
#1 - I no longer have cable and, at the time, had not heard anything about the subject matter of the book. I know. I really need to watch the news, but sadly, FOX News is no longer an option for me, only local.

#2 - Once, I read the first few chapters, I deleted the book from my phone. Shocking to say the least!

#3 - I obviously can be quite oblivious.

#4 - I'm not Catholic, but I felt like I needed to go to confession and get absolution from my sins after reading part of it. Talk about needing to repent and I only read a part of it.

#6 - I hope the very high esteem you held me in is not compromised.

I was totally shocked! Not just at the subject matter, but at the thought of what would possess a woman to write such a novel. A woman doesn't have to be a Christian to just have simple morals. But, I know ... we shouldn't expect non-believers to act like believers. That's just the way it is.

The hypocrisy of all that is going on floors me. 

Let's take the indecency & debasement of "Fifty Shades of Grey" and let's add in this ridiculous movie "Magic Mike" and we've got a whole movement going on here. It's not a new movement (remember "Sex and the City" & the like). It's just getting a lot louder! (Not only with us girls ... Look what's happening in regards to the sanctity of marriage. Hello, Sodom & Gomorrah!)

I can't even comprehend women lining up at the theatre to see a movie about male strippers. Would these same women be OK with their husbands attending a similar movie about female strippers? I think not.

What is going on? Did I miss something? Was there a meeting I didn't hear about where a vote was taken and we, as women, are now accepting of these types of things?

Women ... hear me ...

This is not OK.

We don't want our men to do it so we shouldn't do it. But, we shouldn't just not do it because of that. If we are Christ-followers, we shouldn't do it because it's totally opening up ourselves to immorality & debauchery. That's a door we do not want to open. It displeases our God.

These things are not God's best for us! Not in the least!

Even for those girls that may say, "I'm not married" so it's not a big deal. OH ... but it is! Once again, you're opening the door to something you don't want to get involved in. And, that's to say nothing about keeping your mind pure.

All these things lead to destruction for married and non-married alike. 

Sex, as you know, is a beautiful thing between a husband and a wife. It's when other things get in the way ... a world of porn, entertaining thoughts of fantasy through any means (books, movies, internet, emotional affairs, etc.) ... that can cause division and problems in a marriage.

So, girls ... a new movement needs to start ... a movement that will stand up for sexual purity & honoring marriage! Please don't go with what your friends are doing, but do what you know God says to do. Let's be set apart from this movement.

I could write tons of Scriptures here about fleeing or abstaining from sexual immorality. There's a lot of them. I'm pretty sure that means God's very serious about it. Google them. 

But, this one stands out to me the most:
Honor marriage, and guard the sacredness of sexual intimacy between wife and husband. God draws a firm line against casual and illicit sex. 
Hebrews 13:4 

The word "honor" here actually means "precious." The same "preciousness" as gold & silver and more importantly, the "precious" blood of Jesus. It's to be held to that extreme place of honor as you would the blood of our Savior.

That's a big deal.

Now. I've said my peace.


Penny said...


For real! If my husband were reading something like 50 shades of gray or went to watch a movie titled Magic Michelle, I would be HACKED. It's a new double standard. Because it's not defined as "porn" in the, I guess, traditional sense, it's supposedly okay.

But it's sooooo not.

I posted a tweet last night of my husband vacuuming and wrote, "True definition of sexy: 50 shades of (my husband's name)." It was a bit jovial, but I meant it. I don't need/want to lust after or dream about anyone but HIM. I want my husband -- not some made up fictional character.

Dana Dawn Calverette said...

I am in total agreement with you! We should ask ourselves "Is this what I want to be found doing when Jesus comes back?"

Meg said...

My pastor, Paul Burke, posted this as his fb status, and I am so glad he did! I have been thinking these same exact thoughts--even about the movie "Magic Mike" as I've seen women flocking to the theaters and even posting about it on fb. Thank you for sharing this. I will be following you :-)

Stephanie said...

Greatest post yet!!! Thank you for saying what I was thinking! I really enjoy your blog :)

Jackie@Our Moments, Our Memories said...

Preach, girl. :) So true!

Anonymous said...

Seriously? It's simply a movie and a series of books. Yes, I've read/watched both of them, but not a single thing in the books or the movie is compelling me to cheat on my husband, whom I happen to love and am very attracted to *gasp*. I read the books at home on my own free time - I didn't ignore my husband while reading them, I simply read them when I had down time. I watched the movie with a group of female friends - I left home, watched the movie, and returned home in a matter of 5 hours (and that included arriving 45 minutes early because we were unsure of traffic) - I didn't go to an actual strip club and slide dollar bills into the thong of another man. If there were a movie called Magic Michelle, my friends and I would tell our husbands to go for it because it's INNOCENT FUN. If you can't watch a movie or read a book because you're scared/worried that you'll be tempted into an affair, then the problem lies in YOU, my friends, not the books/movie.

Mama Belle said...

Anonymous ... If you think this post is about cheating on your marriage, you've missed the whole point.

Anonymous said...

I honestly don't get the point at all, because I view the books and the movie as simple forms of entertainment. I possess the capability of separating my life from a source of entertainment, such as a book or a movie, so I'm struggling to understand what the big deal is about either of them. Sorry if I offend anyone, but I'm not understanding what the uproar is all about - not just this blog article, but other things I've read as well.

Deven said...

As a married woman who sinned for years with a porn addiction (and is still only making it through temptation with Jesus' help), and as the wife of a man who struggled in the same way, I could not agree more strongly.

Thanks for telling it like it is.

Melissa said...

I greatly appreciate this post! I even read a liberal, non-Christian, feministic review of Fifty Shades of Grey that said women should have no part of this book. This topic has really been on my mind lately, especially after seeing friends post about how glorious Magic Mike is/is going to be. Thanks again for the warning!

Rachel Quebedeaux said...

Thank you, once again, for saying what I wanted to say. So instead of me retyping it and stealing your words..... I linked to your blog.. hope you don't mind


Mama Belle said...

Rachel ... I don't mind at all. Thanks!

Amanda Marcell said...

Jesus said that if you even look at woman (or man) in lust, then you have already committed adultery. It is about what we fill our hearts and minds with. The Bible also says that we are to "FLEE ALL IMMORALITY." That includes "entertainment" to me. Well said Mama Belle.

the domestic fringe said...