Monday, June 25, 2012

What a lazy week!

Last week was our official vacation. We set out for the beach. So, we headed to Texas.

Why would you go to Texas for the beach?

Well, so glad you asked. We've been numerous times to Florida, Alabama, and even Mississippi beaches. We have even gone to Galveston, but never further down the coast to South Padre Island, which I had heard was beautiful. So, we did.

Yep. Very nice beaches there. Not super crowded either.

We actually stayed in Brownsville in a condo with a little fishing lake. We didn't have many plans except to lay low and rest for real.

We spent two days at the beach. 

I would've spent more, but can you believe half of my family members HATE the beach? 
I know. CU. RAZY.

La Petite Belle and I could've stayed at the beach all day long, for multiple days. 

But, our fair-skinned counterparts (Beau & K Belle) could only take a few hours and they were done.
K Belle added at least 155 more freckles to her collection. So cute! She and Beau spent most of their time under the umbrella and they still got burnt.

Beau was way more content to fish. He did some fishing in the bay on a boat, in which everyone on board puked including him. He fished much more in the mornings & evenings at our condo on the lake. The lake was very nice with lots of ducks and even a few swans. Pretty.

Brownsville also had a great zoo.

The rest of the vacation included mainly eating, shopping, sleeping, lots of watching of "24", movie-watching (We saw Brave too. We loved it.), and Phase 10 competitions.

Overall. Great, relaxing vacation.

It's always good to be home. But, definitely sad it's over. Back to real life.

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Penny said...

Loooovvveee your beach trips! P.S. In that last picture, K Belle looks just like you, I think. =)