Saturday, June 2, 2012

Up, Up, & Away

Yep. Here I go.

Today, I will be on my journey to Northeast England with sleeping pills in tow. We arrive Sunday morning their time.

Funny how the whole world will be watching the celebration of the Queen's Jubilee this week in London,  and I'll be nowhere near there at that time. (Believe me, we tried to make if work so that we were there during the party. But, no dice. Sad.)

So, we will travel to London on our last day ... just for the day ... and try and take in the entire city, at least the main things, in one day. We're confident that we can do it.

But, we will actually be staying in Leeds. I'm looking forward to seeing some beautiful green English countryside and random sheep. Isn't that what England looks like?

My main dilemma at this point is whether or not I pack running shoes. Still debating that one.

Do I risk humiliation from my much-thinner friend? Do I risk a 5-8 lb weight gain from not running or working out? Do I risk depression and feelings of failure from packing said running shoes and workout clothes and not using them at all? Do I really want to wake up early to run or work out?


But, if you run at all, you know one week without running equals death the following week when you attempt to run again.

So, I think I've just convinced myself to run only two times next week because I have some very busy days and need to be realistic about how tired I'll be and what my desire to run will actually be like. Nil.

There it is. I will run 2 times in about a week. Not great, but at least something.

I may actually lose weight after reading about English food. I lost my appetite when I found out what black pudding was ... you mean you don't know? Well ... it's just an oatmeal mixed with pork fat and cooked in pig's blood. Uh. Gross.

But, I will have fish and chips. Can't go wrong there.

Well ... pray for me.

I'm looking forward to a great conference and a wonderful experience!