Thursday, May 31, 2012

It's a humbling thing ...

... to ask people to like you.

You know what I'm talking about.

I've received and written such notes:

Not recently, mind you. That would be awkward.

But, since putting up my blog Facebook page, I've pretty much done the same thing through the web ... an internet "Do you like me?" note.

I remember giving this note one time in 5th grade, heart beating out of my chest, murmuring "please, like me, please, like me" under my breath.

(I'll end the suspense for you. He did. I've written about such boy here and how he broke my little 6th-grade heart & now is the drummer for Blake Shelton. Thank you to "The Voice" for finally helping me to know who that even is. Me and country music ... not a match.)

Going on ...

I do have a point here.

It's simple.

Everyone wants to be liked. Everyone wants to be loved.

Pure and simple.

Not many people I know are happy about other people not liking them. Umm ... OK ... maybe a few. But, not normally.

Will you always like everyone? No. But, I think we're supposed to try. That's the hard part.

Don't think I'm deceived into believing that everyone likes me. I know there are lots that don't. I'm sorry for that. I try. (most of the time)

We all know we're commanded to love one another. We HAVE to. It's not a request.

It just gets difficult when we're supposed to be a cheerleader for those that we're commanded to love, but really don't care for them that much as a person. But, I want to do this. I want to be more of a cheerleader (I have true-life experience from 1986-1989. Uh ... wow ... that sounds old.). So, I should be able to do this easily.

I want to cheer people on in their dreams and goals.

I don't want to be that Negative Nancy that ruins everyone's mood and brings everyone down. I don't want to be a nay-sayer. (Struggle ensues somewhere between being a realist and negative ... balance and common ground need to be found.)

One of the most encouraging and important things in someone's life is having a person to cheer them on, to encourage them, to support them. It's so important.

I've had some great people in my life to encourage me. I dare say I would not have done lots of things I have done and am doing if it had not been for them saying, "You can do it!"

I hope you have those same people. And, I hope you'll join with me in trying harder to be that person for more people.

And ... would you mind going over to the right there on my sidebar and clicking "Like"? Please, like me. Please, like me. :)

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Lindsay said...

Great post! GREAT one! Cheering you on ~