Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Boy, have I got her fooled?

In another one of our heart-to-heart conversations last night (which have been happening more and more frequently lately ... I blame middle school.), La Petite Belle made a fascinating statement to me.

I was going on, as I usually do, about obedience being better than sacrifice, loving people and being kind to them is what Jesus commanded us to do, and lying being the most reprehensible thing ever, and so on, and so forth ... I pretty much covered the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, even talking about the sacrifices of the Old Testament. I was on a roll.

La Petite Belle said this, "But it's so easy for you."

She meant living for God and being obedient.

I did a double-take.


I said, "No, baby. It's not easy. It's not easy for anyone. Jesus never promised us that it was going to be easy to live for Him and always do the right thing."

La Petite Belle said, "But, you make it look so easy."

Well .... Hallelujah. At least I've got one person fooled.

And, I thought for a moment that I must be doing something right for my child to think living a godly life and being an obedient child of God is easy.

Because, honestly, it's not easy for me to do everything God wants me to do all the time.

I do it. Sometimes reluctantly, but I do it because I trust Him.

Wow. I trust Him.

I really do.

There are multiple times I have written blog posts about not trusting and how hard it is for me to trust. I guess over the past years, I've learned some things. 

I really do trust Him. I trust Him so much that I do things I never thought I could do. I do things totally afraid and terrified.

I guess I'm finally growing up.

It's about time.

He really is trustworthy despite anything you've experienced in this world. He's the only One that will never fail you. Trust Him.