Monday, April 30, 2012


Beau and I are taking a trip. 
Everyone seems to be calling it a vacation, but, for some reason, I see it differently.

You see, Beau bought a car.

It's in New Jersey.

We live in Louisiana.

Hence, our "vacation" is driving said car from New Jersey to Louisiana.

That's the "vacation."

Don't get me wrong. I'm going to have a good time because pretty much wherever I am there is a party to be had. However ... 

I don't mean to sound like a complainer, but ...

I absolutely loathe long car rides. Loathe.

So, that's about three-fourths of our trip. I wasn't about to let old wheel-sleeper take the trip by himself even though he offered. I feared for his life. I've gone on long trips with him. Two hours into the trip and we are driving in the wrong lane. (OK ... just a little exaggerated, but you understand.)

Now, while the driving part won't be my favorite part, the 2 days in NYC, 1 day at the Biltmore, and the visiting with old friends will be fantastic!

Here's how this trek is going to work:
Wednesday - Fly to NYC, stay in New Jersey
Thursday - Spend day in the city, stay in New Jersey
Friday - Drive into the NYC & spend the night
Saturday - 11-hour drive to Asheville, NC, stay the night
Sunday - Spend day at the Biltmore, stay the night
Monday - 6-hour drive to Birmingham, AL, stay with friends
Tuesday - 6-hour drive home, pick up girls at school

Done. Whew.

See what I mean? We will be on the move!

I've got Netflix & Hulu Plus added to my phone. I'll finally be able to watch "Downton Abbey" and maybe even a few more episodes of "24". And, I guess I'll break down and read "The Hunger Games" to see what all the fuss is about. That should keep me entertained while Beau sings Journey's greatest hits at the top of his lungs.

Hoping to have lots of great pics & stories from the road!

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Melanie said...

Can't wait to hear all about your trip! It sounds like so much fun! Please post a review of "Hunger Games" when you finish reading it.