Thursday, April 5, 2012

My children never cease to surprise me.

I found out last night that K Belle can beatbox. Just out of the blue she decides to help out a friend who's doing a rap for a Fine Arts competition Friday night. K Belle has no fear obviously.

Here's a sample.

But, even better here's the beginning of the song she wrote that she's entering into the songwriting competition. It's quite good!

So proud of this talented girl!

Add to this joy one other little girl who is receiving athletic awards tonight! Yep. We will be attending La Petite Belle's athletic banquet tonight. She's had quite a year filled with sports ... soccer, volleyball, and cheerleading. Next year, we'll be adding basketball to that list.

La Petite Belle made the all-star soccer team and their team won the all-star game. Great job!

And, I can't forget to mention honor roll for this little one.

She is on fire!!

I love how God has gifted both my girls differently. It's so neat to watch what He's doing in their lives. Makes me anxious to see the plans He has for them lived out!

I'm one proud mama.

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BaronessBlack said...

Wow! Exciting stuff! Well done everyone!