Wednesday, March 21, 2012

When I was your age, I walked through 10 inches of floodwater to get to school.

Well ... not really. But, I do remember wading through quite a bit on my college campus in torrential downpours and hurricanes.

But, our schools were closed today.

Yep. Both my kids are home.

And, judging from the weather forecasts, I worked from home in the event that my children might be home alone amidst a tornado, storm, no electricity, or flooding waters which may have left them abandoned at our home and me not able to get back to them from work.

Well ... the rain we've seen is minimal. There were thunderstorms, but we've seen much worse down here. Oh wait ... our electricity flickered for exactly one second.

I think the fear from last week's flooding caused this scare, with the water still not having fully subsided.

Oh, well. We've stayed indoors and occupied our time like most people, watching movies and the most adorable kid videos on the internet. Wait ... you're telling me you don't do that? Because you know, you just have to watch one and a million more come up and it becomes addictive. Or maybe I just have baby fever that will never be satisfied until grandchildren. WHAT?! Me? A grandmother? What a ridiculous thought! I'm way too young for that.

But, if someone would want to just give me an Asian baby, I would be extremely happy & grateful!

Here are our top 6 most adorable kid/baby internet videos:

#1 - This little 2-year-old singing "Someone Like You" - Watch until the chorus. That's where she kicks up the emotion!

#2 - I like this 5-year-old's thinking. Job first,then marriage.

#3 - K Belle and I watched this several times and laughed hysterically.

#4 - The most sincere reaction to going to Disney. So precious.

#5 - This baby only has to wake up and immediately fall back to sleep to be adorable.

#6 - Just the cutest little conversation between twins ever! Still can't stop watching it.