Tuesday, March 27, 2012

It's like we're living in the 19th century.

I'm pretty sure my time will now be filled with such images as above ... slicing apples, darning socks, and spending time with the girls playing cricket.

We'll have more time on our hands now that we've cut out cable. Now, granted, we did keep just the basic channels to keep network television and local stations, but the rest is gone. Yep. Gone!

I do feel like a lot of our time will be spent more productively. Maybe.

We got a Roku box and now just subscribe to Netflix & Hulu Plus, which allows us to watch TV series and lots of movies.

Basically, the box costs about $70 and that's it. We've cut our cable bill from $130 a month to $44 (which includes internet, add another $15 for Netflix & Hulu equally a total of about $60 a month). Pretty impressive.

We've all had to sacrifice a few things ... no DVR, no Disney, no Nickelodeon, no Fox News, no HGTV, no AMC (my choice). But there are so many of the shows that run on these stations that we can get through the Roku or online.

So since this big life-altering decision was made, Beau and I decided to start watching "24" ... all 193 episodes. We should be busy for a while. 

The only problem is that we watch these episodes right before bed and Beau and I are realizing it could be the reason we have insomnia. I have serious heart palpitations while watching this show. I literally in my half-sleep state last night envisioned someone sneaking up my stairs and standing right outside my bedroom door with a gun. 
(Only it wasn't Jack, because he would only be out there to protect me. Clearly, he would never harm me.)

Then I was jolted into reality by one of my jumps.

Wish us luck on this switch. Off to watch some more "24."


the domestic fringe said...

I cannot watch those shoes. I'm such a chicken liver. I won't sleep.

We cut cable two years ago. Don't even have basic. :-( We just get the $7.99 Netflix. I'll be honest...It's hard at times. I do catch some stuff online, like Downton Abbey.

Best of luck to you with your heart palps and scary dreams. ;-)

Dana Dawn Calverette said...

We have been SERIOUSLY considering doing the EXACT same thing!

Penny said...

We would do that, but my husband wants to watch football in the fall on HD, lol! But we do have Netflix and Hulu Plus too, grrr...Too much money spent for two peopel who don't even watch TV that much!!

Tammy said...

When we moved last July, we did not reconnect our cable at the new house. It has been a great thing for our family!! We talk more and connect more. I noticed when we had the cable before, we were all off in separate rooms watching something different, in our own little worlds. Now...we don't even turn the tv on until 6:00 in the afternoon. And when we do, we are together. We are all Wheel of Fortune fans now! Yes, cheezy...I know. But, we know eachother better now. It was worth it and it saved us $120.00/month! Good decision, I don't think you will regret it.