Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I won't give up.

Well ... after my ridiculous week last week, it's not a wonder why I didn't lose any weight. Beau lost 9 pounds. NINE. In one week. That makes 14 total for him and about 2 for me. Figures.

My excuses:
We were a one-car family last week. (This one excuse accounted for most of my non-workouts.)
The weather was rainy every time I could go run.
My earphones to my iPod broke.

That's it.

I lost 0 pounds, gained 0 pounds.

Such a disappointment.

Additionally, Beau will be having knee surgery on Wednesday. This will result in him being off his feet for about a week and then on crutches for 6-8 weeks. This comes at the busiest time at work. So, basically, I guess I'll have to do more work, not only at work, but at home since I'm sure he'll be needing me to wait on him hand and foot.

I don't want that to be another excuse for me not to be able to exercise.

I'm hoping for the best for this week 
(even though I cheated Sunday and ate a bowl of cereal, a banana, & Biscoff spread {the most amazing new food I've discovered} because of the massive headache I had ... yep, that cured the headache.).

I'll definitely be upset if I lose no weight since I ate turkey bacon and edamame for lunch yesterday (barf) and ran 3 miles.

I will definitely not quit.

At least, not yet. I'll give it another week for sure.

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H-Mama said...

would it make you feel better if i confessed to only having been at the gym once since thanksgiving? how did that happen?!! i have excuses. ;)

hope beau has a speedy recovery!