Thursday, February 23, 2012

Obviously I needed to be a part of this study.

I watched this report today about how the majority of women are afraid to speak up in small group settings or meetings. Fascinating.

I must admit that it did make me chuckle a bit because I am one of the few that this study does not apply to.

I think it's quite difficult to get a word in edge-wise with a roomful of men. (And, they say we talk too much ... Sheesh ... I wish they could hear themselves.) I find that men need women in meetings just to keep them on track. Let's face it ... They need us just as much as we need them. Hence ... the creation of Eve. God knew what He was doing.

But, seriously, ladies ... our intelligence goes down when we're in these groups. That just ain't right.
I feel like Aibileen needs to get in our face for a minute.

So true.
Yet, we shrink back and go dumb anyway.

Women ... we have good ideas. We are extremely brilliant individuals. Don't sit quietly. (I feel like some old-school church leader is shaking his head right now in disagreement and muttering "women should not be speak." ... You, hush up.)

Anyway ...

What was so interesting about the study to me was that the reason women don't speak up is due to their keen sense of reading social cues. Women are always aware of what's going on in the room. Women also pick up more on body language and think about relationships first before business. We're just more in tune with people honestly. The negative part of this is that a lot of things can be misread and we can create incorrect perceptions about how others feel about us. That's when the not "speaking up" comes into play.

Because women always feel like they're being judged in one way or another, they'd much rather sit quietly. It's just easier. (And, maybe those years of oppression could play a part ... the beatings, the burnings, etc. ... hard stuff.)

Think of how wrong that is.

Think of the things that may not have happened if women would have just sat quietly.

What if Rosa Parks just sat quietly on that bus?
What if Susan B. Anthony decided to just be quiet and not express her opinion on women's rights?
How about Queen Esther? Her speaking-up saved the lives of the Jews.

There are tons of women who have chosen to be outspoken when it comes to the welfare of their country and people. Just look at this list of 300 women who changed the world. They were not silent.

Now's not the time to start shrinking back just because there's a bunch of men in the room. We should be even stronger now. At least we're not getting burned at the stake anymore just for giving our opinion. That's definitely a plus.

This is even more vital in today's world. God has given us able minds and bodies to speak out against injustice and unrighteousness. 

So, speak up. Give your opinions. Give your views. Give your ideas. They may not be the best, but give 'em anyway. You never know ... Your idea may be the one that does something great!

Now ... stop feeling dumb and get to work on changing the world.

(In love, of course).

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Deven said...

OH MY WORD!! This was my biggest frustration as a Women's Ministry leader. I've never been shy about sharing my opinions, especially when asked, so I had a hard time when I got nothing but blank stares when I asked for opinions from the ladies. Argh! :) I'm glad I'm not the only atypical lady out there.