Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mama said there'd be days like this.


And, ain't it the truth! We all have those days.

Admitting that the day wasn't the greatest doesn't mean you doubt your faith or you don't think God's on your side. It's just reality, people. There are going to be those days ... good and bad.

The important thing is remembering that God is for you right in the middle of that stinky, no-good day.

1. A smoking car
I should have known I was off to a rough start when I was driving to work and as I stopped our car at a stoplight, smoke began to billow out from under the hood and into the car. I thought the car might blow up at any minute, but I made it to work successfully.

2. A busy day at work with no time for bathroom breaks
When I got to work, I hit the ground running. Very. Busy. Day. I was swamped.

3. Taking care of the lame
Beau hurt his knee very badly sometime within the last month or so. It has progressively gotten worse. He went to the doctor last week and has been taken meds for it. However, the pain has become overwhelming and his knee is super-swollen. The guy can barely walk. So ... He hobbled on over to get an MRI yesterday. We get the results today. (On a good note ... I'm sure me giving him extra attention and care is quite pleasant for him. Just the other night, I had to stinkin' get out of my comfy chair to pick up the battery that fell out of the remote for him. What's next?)

4. A dead car
After Beau left his MRI appointment, he had to pick up everyone's favorite friend when they're sick ... Mr. Cortisone. He was heading home, when that same car died.

5. A lame guy pushing a dead car
Yep. Visualize that, will you? I offered to let him sit and steer while I got out and pushed the car in my high-heeled boots, but he seriously doubted my strength. Hey ... I was willing to try. Luckily, someone stopped to help.

6. A towed car
Mm hm. We had to have the car towed. Ugh. More money out of our pocket.

7. A broken car that needs to be fixed
Add in some more money out of our pocket.

8. A family of four with one car
One word: Miserable. We did it for almost two years, so I can say that.

9. Forgetting that I still had work errands to run at 7:00 p.m.

10. Ending the day once again hungry for bread or ice cream or candy
My diet is still in full effect. One week and two days complete. I'm embarrassed to tell you that I forgot to weigh myself the day I started the diet. Ridiculously dumb. I think I lost 2-3 pounds, but not totally sure. Beau lost 5 pounds last week. (But, I still want carbs.)

Tomorrow ... will be a better day. (with one car or two; with one knee or two) Because in the words of Scarlett, "tomorrow is another day."

I will choose to be thankful in every day ... even the bad ones.


Stephanie said...

I am getting an MRI tomorrow and am nervous. Nice to know others can get it and not freak out! Take good, loving care of yourself! That is what comes up for me as I read this.

Penny said...

Goodness!! Hope the MRI comes back with good results!!

At least it is a new day now. And that day is OVER.