Monday, February 13, 2012

I was impressed.

I watched the interview with Adele last night on "60 Minutes."

I was seriously impressed with her. Being impressed with her voice is a given. It's amazing. But I was more impressed with her thinking and the confidence she expressed in who she is.

The fact that she's sold over 18 million albums in her very short career speaks volumes. She is definitely one talented chick! 

But her success also demonstrates that you don't have to look a certain way for people to absolutely love you. It kind of shocks me that there are a lot of people out there that know what real talent is. And there's no disputing that she's got it.

When she was asked, Does she feel pressure to look like a video girl?, she answered: "I don't want to be some skinny mini with my (bleep ... she used another word for breast here) out. And I don't want people confusing what it is that I'm about. I just stand there and sing. And I don't do stunts or anything. If I wanted to do all that, I don't think I'd get away with it."

Watch what she says here. Love it!

That sounds like someone who knows who she is and what she's about (and at such a young age). She seems to have her head on pretty straight.

I wish we were a little more like her in this area. Not allowing anything or anyone influence us in the way we feel about ourselves. 

It'd be even greater if we spent our time celebrating who we are and less of our time complaining that we're not like someone else! Thank God we're all different.

Just goes to show, that no matter, what your talent will make room for you. (Prov. 18:16) I guess this applies to the world too. Although the gift He's planted in you and given to you is to be used for His glory. He can use this gift to bring people to Himself. Imagine if all the talent of the superstars & major talents of the world was being used the way it was destined to be used ... Wow. All that together to bring others to the Lord, to shine forth His glory. That would be pretty incredible!

Hm. I just used Adele to prove a spiritual point. Interesting how my mind works.

And for the record, I do think Adele is quite beautiful no matter whether she could sing or not. But, I absolutely love the fact that she can.

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Penny said...

I think she is just drop-dead gorgeous. And has such an amazing voice!!!