Thursday, February 9, 2012

Church Kids

Kids can be mean, but church kids can be the meanest.

That's so sad to say, but so true.

Ugh. Why?

These kids should be different from the world. We all should.

Just recently, my child was in tears over hurtful things said about her. So hurtful that she no longer wants to go to the service she attends. And the crazy thing is that she's one of the most faithful supporters of this ministry and has even brought multiple unsaved friends from her school to this service.

As a mother, it makes me so angry. The teacher in me wants to head over to the church next week with a paddle. 


Why are church kids so mean? So non-accepting?

It all boils down to insecurity. We all know that. When people are insecure, they make themselves look good by putting down others, or making others feel bad about themselves, or even mocking others. That's the way it goes.

Geez. Bullying in the church too. Where will it end?

Most of these kids have grown up together in the church. Yet, as they get older, they quickly decide on who will be "cool" to be friends with and who will not. The non-accepting groups that are formed usually force a lot of kids out from the one place where they should feel most accepted.

My kid is a church kid.

My prayer for both of my girls has always been that they would not grow cold to the church because they've spent so much time there. I pray that their hearts always stay tender toward God, the things of God, and people.

I would be horrified if one of my girls was ever a part of gossip or rumors being spread about another person. I would nip that in the bud right away. But, my girl's not the one doing the gossiping but the one being gossiped about. Heartbreaking! 

One person's opinion of another is not truth.

All it takes is one kid saying, "I don't like her" or "She's weird" and then it starts.

What a shame.

It's more of a shame for them that they won't get an awesome opportunity to know the person they have a pre-conceived notion about. Shame on them.

Now ... we're working through this and I know she will be stronger for it. She's pretty strong to begin with and typically doesn't let a whole lot bother her. But, this one stings a bit.

I absolutely love who she is and who she's becoming.


Penny said...

I was always the kid who was bullied and teased in school, but, now that I'm grown, I realize that even though those were painful times, they helped shape me into the person I am today. By all means, I am anything but perfect, but I believe that me being bullied helps me be more merciful and gracious, even to those who've horribly wronged me. I can't stand people to pick on someone. I'm like a mama hen -- with a world full of chicks, lol!!

Anonymous said...

Same thing goes for Christian school kids. They can be very mean. I think what increases the hurt more is that we expect them to adhere to a higher moral standard (like church kids) Of course, they should behave respectably toward others, but unfortunately, what goes on at home is what is brought to the school campus and church campus. It's very tough for moms to witness pain in their child's eyes. Middle school seems to be the worst. Too bad no one goes through growing up unscathed. Through prayer and constant talking with our kids, they, and we, will survive and become better people in the process.

Stephanie said...

Here is a post that I dearly love. Not that I home school, but because I so sign up for the thing that my kid grow up the exact way I want him to. Alas, that is not to be and this post reminds us that we do the best we can.