Wednesday, January 25, 2012

So sad.

I was very saddened yesterday after reading this story:

As you may know from reading my blogs or knowing me, not only did I graduate from ORU, but Beau worked for Richard Roberts in the television department for years. He had many conversations with him and he and I each have always held him in high esteem, even despite some negative reports heard in the past few years. He was nothing but kind, understanding, and just an all-around good guy to us. He's prayed for both Beau and K Belle before and spoken many wise words to Beau. He taught one of my classes called "Holy Spirit in the Now," which I thoroughly enjoyed and learned quite a bit about the charismatic movement. We've always liked both him and Lindsay (whom we also had many interactions with).

I took the news years ago about the Roberts leaving ORU and the alleged inappropriate behaviors in stride. It really didn't change my opinion of them.

And, now this.

When I read the article last night, I was just sad. Plain sad.

Not because I was disappointed in him (which I may have been a bit), but sad for him. Sad for whatever he's facing and even sadder about what he's about to face.

I thought about how his name is associated with my degree that hangs on my wall at work. That made me a little sad too. But I still remain proud in my accomplishment and what an incredible university ORU was and continues to be. If my girls said they wanted to attend ORU, I wouldn't hesitate to send them there (if I had the major moolah). I am confident in the awesome education they would get and the even more awesome relationships that would be built there. ORU has a huge sense of community and unity. It's pretty awesome! Oh, yeah ... I already said that.

I also thought about how there will be many people that will have a heyday with this. Bring on the naysayers! And those who said "I told you so."

My mind always goes to David in moments like these because he's so easy to relate to for me ... actually for everyone. He had struggles. He fell multiple times. But what amazes me is how the people never turned against him. 

I'm sure Richard Roberts will not have that kind of support despite all the positive things he's done for people and the great things he's done for God.

For that, it's sad.

I want to make sure that I'm quick to offer grace because I need SO much!


sara said...

I am studying Isaiah right now through precepts. We just finished chapter 39 where, after walking so closely with God all his life, Hezekiah succumbs to pride. we are ALL susceptible if we aren't daily walking with God and staying close!!

H-Mama said...

i had not read about this... but i'm with you. grace. abundant grace, indeed.

Debra Burrows said...

We as believers should be in prayer for him and his family. Those who lead are mere men and women who can fall as Sara said if not walking with God and openly seeking accountability.

atara said...

Thank for posting this as I would have missed this news, I'm sure. I've watched "The Hour of Healing" & "MYDC" since I was in college. I really connected with Lindsay and I've seen their show, demenor, and message change over all the ups and downs of their ministry. I've seen their children grow! I am sad to read this also. I can only imagine the pressure he feels, especially now that his Father is gone. I totally get where you are coming from with this post.