Monday, January 23, 2012

Moms cry for the darndest things.

Confession time: I cried over my child making a bad grade last week.

There's gotta be some other loopy moms out there that have done the same. And, yes, I literally have cried 2-3, maybe even 4 times this school year over grades. I know ... Insane. (Don't ever pray for God to make you more sensitive.)

I may or may not have also go into this whole rant about how important grades are (which they are) and something about throwing your life away (which they will if they don't make good grades). A little over the top. Or maybe not. (Do you see how I may be a little bi-polar?)

Right now, I'm just living from break to break. I ask myself at the end of the last school break, "When's the next break?"Only a few more weeks until we get another one. Hallelujah! Mardi Gras is just around the corner and summer's not far behind it.

There's way less drama in the summer.

Between the waking up at 6:00 AM and having to patrol homework & grades, I'm not sure I like when the girls are in school at all. 

Oh, but how I whine and complain two weeks into summer vacation about how it's time for them to go back to school! I secretly like them being home. ;) (as long as I hear no "You're being a jerk." or "You're acting like a brat." which is pretty common around my house lately)

So despite the fact that we are not Catholic and do not celebrate Mardi Gras, aside from the eating of the king cake, I anxiously look forward to this holiday. Bring it on so we can get a break!

In celebration, be looking for my annual Mardi Gras giveaway coming soon!


sara said...

I hate policing grades and homework. Unfortunately with college I can't police the homework but I still have to police the grades...ugh. and I think any of us with teenage or older children have said those same words!!

H-Mama said...

we haven't started documenting grades... effort & diligence, for sure. eventually, it will turn into grades for us, too. we have tears some days, as well. sigh.

were your ears burning this morning? we adopted a kitten over the weekend. named him beau. never put it together with your blog. hubs came down this morning and reminded me of your blog... belles and a beau. we have "bella" and a "beau". ha!!