Monday, January 9, 2012

Jesus and Football

(This picture literally made me snort.)

This is a very dangerous post, especially if you live in the South, and even worse Louisiana. I feel like football has become our lives. It's getting ridiculous.

I have nothing against football. It's fun to watch just like any other 6th-grade volleyball game.

But, we seem to be going overboard. I understand what it means to be a fan. You cheer on your team. You wear the t-shirt on game day. I even own those t-shirts. And, you talk about the previous night's game with your friends. I get it. I played sports, you know.

My Facebook is clogged up with status after status about football, like these individuals are actually on the field and know better than any of those "stupid" coaches. Ugh. And, when the team's doing well ... great posts. But, when the team's losing ... they know what the team should be doing instead. Makes me laugh.

It also makes me stop and think.

How many of these same people don't promote a thing about their faith? Or their church? With the same amount of enthusiasm?

In the end, it really is just a game.

How many of these same people talk about and invite people to non-football-game events at their church? Probably not many, but they would invite those unsaved friends to games out of town and skip church altogether.

Listen ... I am NOT a football-hater. Not at all. I think it's fun and great and I enjoy watching.

I just feel like it can get magnified too much in our lives over things that should be magnified more. Get it?

Just last night, Beau and I sat at home and watched Denver play Pittsburgh. It was a great game. That's it. A. Great. Game.

Now, back to life. 

I guess I'm just irritated when I open up my computer and that's all I see ... FOOTBALL, FOOTBALL, FOOTBALL.

Is there a way to be a fan in moderation? Geez.

When someone looks at my life, I would hope that they see way more than just being a certain sports' team fan. I would not want that to hold my identity. Not be what I'm all about.

So ... football fans ... cheer on your team, wear your shirts, eat your chips and queso. But, please share that same enthusiasm for Jesus and your church.

Whew. I may get some flack for this. Ah, well. Ce'st la vie!

(And this post on the night where LSU plays Alabama ... Ha!)

And, now for your viewing pleasure ... (Don't take offense if you already haven't. Just a little humor.)

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trooppetrie said...

haha, i think i married the best man ever because he does not enjoy watching sports but loves playing them. he will watch the super bowl if we have friends over but that is it. so i never understand it all