Friday, January 13, 2012

Is it weird that I totally understand this woman's thinking?

I read this story yesterday: 
(Please click the link to read this. You won't be disappointed.)

Ridiculous, right?

Then, why do I so sympathize with Trudy.

There's a huge spiritual lesson here. I'm sure you all can see it.
You know ... It's all about her feeling like she was under a microscope, being judged, never truly being able to be herself, yadda yadda yadda. It really is a shame that we feel like we can't be accepted at the one place we should feel accepted. Women do this to themselves a lot.

And, then there's those days when you just don't want to leave the house or want to see anyone. It's just the simple fact that everyone needs downtime, right? We really do. And, that's OK.

There are times that I honestly don't want to do something just because I really want to do nothing at my house. How true is this!

So ... Trudy, I hear ya', sista! No matter how totally insane what you did is.

But, here's my problem with her plan: 
If I were to get a body double, I would not find one at Kohl's. I would shoot a little higher. And, make that body double quite a bit better than my own body since no one's really going to see me anyway. Shoot ... They didn't know it wasn't her for two years. TWO YEARS!

What was she doing during this time her body double was at church with her family? Catching up on laundry, her soaps? What in the world?

And, really? Her husband didn't realize it wasn't her in two whole years? I think I'd want to get rid of my husband if he couldn't figure that one out.

I do, however, think her plan was clever. Although absolutely CRAZY.

I think I'll start looking for my own body double tomorrow. She can head over for my next visit to the DMV or OBGYN. Now, that's worth it.

UPDATED: (Just found out that this story is not real. Guess I need to check my facts better. The site is dedicated to satire. Awesome. Did make for a great post topic though. Boy, do I feel dumb now.)


Cathy said...

I was just complaining to my pastor husband Wednesday, how I wish I could miss church if I wanted to without feeling guilty. I had received a text from a lady and she said they were going to play hookie and not come to church that night. Sometimes I wish pastors and their families could play hookie! I didn't mind her not coming, why do people mind if we don't come. lol

Tami said...

It has been a long time since I checked in on your blog and as usual you do not disappoint. I love this post. I have been cheating on my blog reading with facebook. But I am trying to keep up with old blog friends better. So keep it coming. I've missed reading your posts.

H-Mama said...

ha-ha!! still makes for a great story that many can relate to. raise your hand if you've been there. *raisinghand* ;)