Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Am I the only girl whose heart flutters when I know another GOP debate in on?

Weird, huh?

Because I'm pretty sure I'm the only one watching these debates. Geez. There's been like 17 of 'em.

But, I LOVE them!

And, now candidates are dropping like flies. First, my girl, Michele (I loved, loved, loved her, knew she wasn't going to get the nomination, and am glad she finally gets to blink! See video for explanation.

and now Huntsman (who I had actually thought dropped out a long time ago because he was so forgettable and really irritated me).

After seeing all these debates and listening to what the candidates have to say ... (I'm just gonna put it out there even though you're never supposed to talk politics with your friends.) ... I've grown to really like Rick Santorum. I didn't even know who he was before the debates, but he makes a lot of sense and stands strong for his beliefs. I don't think he'll get the nomination, but he's good, ya'll. Really good! I would vote for him.

Ron Paul ... Whew! When he starts to talk, I get scared. I really think he's crazy.
(Can't get this image out of my head every time I see him.)

Rick Perry ... Never liked him. Never will. Not much else to say about that.

Newt ... Love him. Super smart & quite sassy. I do like that about him. He ain't scared! But ... not sure he can win against Obama. In a debate ... YES, but in the election ... not sure.

And, then there's Mitt ... or as I like to call him, Republican Ken. Seriously ... does he not look like a Ken doll?

(and if you google "Ken doll Mitt Romney" you'll something like this ... obviously I'm not the only one with this view)

I like Mitt. And, yes, he will most likely get the nomination. He's also very smart and is good in the debates. I just wish he wouldn't be so plastic and perfect. I want to see him loosen up his tie and get jiggy with it. That's definitely one of the things I think people liked about Obama. He was a little more human and approachable.

OK. So there it is in order of preference:

1. Santorum
2. Romney
3. Gingrich

The rest ... no. I hope they drop out soon too.


Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

1 - I like Santorum too.
2 - Ron Paul scares me like NONE OTHER.

Way to put it out there. ;)

Amy@My Front Porch said...

Completely agree with you. Love Santorum, but don't think he'll win, nor do I think he has broad enough appeal to win a general election. Romney is my second choice but I'm not crazy about him. Gingrich could definitely tear Obama up in a debate but don't think he'd beat him in the general election.

And Ron Paul. A little scary, yes. That picture is perfect :)