Monday, December 5, 2011

Wait ... I have a blog?

Right, I do.

Life has been a little hectic, and I'm sure I'll have stuff to share after the madness is over. Hopefully I'll have some good pictures of this past weekends' '70s Disco Party, which was a blast, and included a great word from DeLynn Rizzo.

I feel like every day has been a pattern of working early and continue working late into the evening. I haven't had much time for anything. My family's been living off of fast food and mac 'n cheese. Yuck. La Petite Belle even had to wear a dirty shirt to school last Thursday because I had forgotten to wash. Gross. I threatened her about not taking her sweatshirt off. But, the worst came when I forgot to pick up K Belle and her friend Friday after school because I was knee-deep in disco party preparations.

Don't worry. They were picked up.

But, it's really been one thing after another. And, now we're onto Christmas production.

It is really going to be a great production and I hope to have video & pictures once it's all over. The production is A Charlie Brown Christmas. And, guess who's Lucy? Yep. Me.

Her lines are quite extensive. I've been working on memorizing and more memorizing.

The funny thing is that as I look more and more into Lucy's character, I notice that we are somewhat alike. 

She's a little bossy. I can be a little bossy.
 (Even though I think bossy people are simply misunderstood. Bossy is not necessarily a bad thing.)

She knows what she wants. I know what I want.

She has a problem with being a control freak. I can be a control freak.

She's a Type-A personality. I'm a Type-A personality.

She doesn't mince words. I don't mince words.

She's honest. I'm honest.

She likes to help people. I like to help people.

She can be misunderstood. I am often misunderstood.

Playing Lucy has become quite fun. She's a hoot! I hope I can do her justice with my limited acting skills.

Agreed, Lucy. Agreed.

If you're local and want to come to this fantastic production, you can. More info at


Dana Dawn Calverette said...

Daphne, we might have a little more in common than I originally may have thought. LOL! I may or may not be a "Lucy" too. Can't wait to see the production! And for the day when boys give presents to girls one day each week!

Penny said...

How fun! That's such a neat production idea, too! I know you're going to be awesome! =)

Jill said...

James says I'm his Lucy.

Can't wait to see when you post it!

Kim said...

Oh boy can I related! To the business as well as to the characteristics ;)

Ms. Mess said...

So glad to know I'm not the only one who has been MIA. Girl, you are one of the few blogs that hold my (very short) attention. Love your inner Lucy!

(by the way, changed my blog to

David said...

My wife Christina is my Lucy no question about that!!!