Monday, December 12, 2011

I'm trading in my dancing shoes.

I prefer these babies.

I finally have a chance to relax and put them on. I have been running (and dancing) like a crazy person for a few months now. I'm definitely beyond ready for a break. Thank you Lord, that I'm finally getting it.

Here's where I wore my dancing shoes first. 
(These pics are from "That '70s Disco" Christmas Party for the ladies of our church ... almost 330 in attendance. It was a fantastic and groovy night!)

Beau and me singing "Don't Go Breakin' My Heart."

Even our pastor got involved. Here he is singing "Play that Funky Music."

'70s Disco Dancers were awesome!

Laverne & Shirley were hilarious and lead some great games.

Who says you can't worship the Lord in disco clothes? We did.

The fabulous, DeLynn Rizzo, shared an encouraging message. I just love her.

My girls (minus a few ...)

The disco floor was opened and everyone learned "The Hustle." Fun!

As far my second pair of dancing shoes ... they were a pair of black and white oxfords that I got to take off for good yesterday. 

I got to play Lucy in our annual Christmas production, "A Charlie Brown Christmas." It was lots or hard work but it paid off with over 4800 in attendance this past weekend and even better, 80 salvations! That makes it all worth it!

More Charlie Brown pics to come.

Now, I'm going to eat chocolate.


Penny said...

Flipping AWESOME! Love the pics!!

jennyonthespot said...

Don't go breaking my heart... is my dad's and my song! We would play it on the juxe box at the pizza parlor growing up ... ahhhh. Happy memories.


P.P.S. Congratsiola on the play and the outstanding turnout - wow!

Wendi@EveryDayMiracles said...

Wow, wow, wow. Amazing numbers (especially loving the 80 salvations!!)

You are one very gifted, very busy (very exhausted) lady! Now go enjoy those fuzzy slippers and that chocolate!! You deserve it girl!!