Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Scariest Ride at Disney World

Our trip to Disney World was fun and flew by quickly. You know those vacations where you're up at the crack of dawn and in bed way past your bedtime? That was this vacation. I'm trying to recuperate, but with everything awaiting me at home, it doesn't look like that's going to happen any time soon. 

The park wasn't very crowded the beginning of the week, but crowds grew as we got closer to Thanksgiving. We spent Thanksgiving day with my parents and an aunt & uncle, eating at a resort, and then at Epcot and Downtown Disney. It was a pretty great day!

We rode most of the rides throughout the week. We had already made a family vow that we would not be riding Tower of Terror again due to the traumatization of the last time we rode it. Never again. La Petite Belle did chicken out a minute before she was to step foot on Rock 'n Roller Coaster, even though she had ridden it before.

However, the most terrifying ride for us was the bus ride back to our resort the evening before Thanksgiving. 

We sat on the bus, just like everyone else, minding our own business. People started to get off at their stops and the crowd on the bus got lighter and lighter. There was a particular couple toward the middle of the bus who pretty much made out the entire drive. It was quite disturbing seeing the guy nibble on the girl's ear. K Belle was disgusted and kept commenting to me about it. I told her to just ignore them and look the other way. No problem. We would be off soon.

Well ... There was only one other family on the bus with us besides make-out couple and their relatives loud-obnoxious couple who made their appearance prior to our departure. The guy from the loud-obnoxious couple came up from the back of the box and started making obscene gestures to the other couple, cursing, and saying (loudly) inappropriate things.

My Beau can tolerate a lot, but I had a feeling a storm was brewin'.

And, it was.

Beau looked at the guy (as the other decent family exited the bus) and said: "Hey man, I have young daughters here."

Loud-obnoxious Guy: "And?"

Beau: "And what you're doing is inappropriate and I don't appreciate it."

Loud-obnoxious Guy: "That's life. I got daughters too."

Beau: : "One day it'll make sense to you."

Loud-obnoxious Guy began to say a bunch of other stuff that I just ignored, but it included more cursing, singing inappropriate songs loudly, and mocking us. 

We still had another stop before our stop and, of course, they were at our stop.

We just sat there. The bus driver did nothing. He was approximately 85-years-old, so not sure what he could've done. I tried to keep the girls distracted from them. K Belle asked if we could just get off. She was scared.

These guys were pretty rough. I thought Disney World didn't allow riff-raff. I felt like I was at Six Flags.

I was hoping they wouldn't follow us or see where our room was. They were definitely ready for a fight and actually so was Beau. His words were: "I hope he comes up to me and says something so I can rip his head off." Um ... I'm sure that's what Jesus would do.

We got off the bus and went the opposite direction. Once we got back to our room, K Belle promptly locked all the doors.

We obviously survived through the night and they didn't come after us.

But, my question to you is: Would you or would you not say something to some hooligan who starts to speak obscenities or inappropriate talk in front of your children?

Beau did. I don't think I would have said something if he wouldn't have been there for fear of the guy and his friends.

Thank God for my husband. We never have to have any fear that he will not protect us. I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that he would fight someone to the death if they tried to harm me or the girls. I love that.


Soliloquy said...

Beau's da' man! And he's right. One day, it will make sense to doofus. Hopefully, once it does, it won't be too late for his daughters.

Sooooo sad we didn't connect. It might have redeemed the day for me at Hollywood Studios. What a gong show!!

We did Tower of Terror three times on Wednesday. Also LOVED Mt. Everest. Did you ride it?

Sara@iSass said...

So do you remember that story in the bible about Jesus causing the demon to leave the man and go into a herd of pigs? I think it is safe to say we know where one of those pigs ended up!
Seriously, though, yes I have spoken up. I don't remember where we were but there was swearing and I acted like I was rainman. A swearword would be said I would YELL "SWEARS!" and if it happened again I'd yell it louder, people thought something was wrong with me, mainly the ones swearing so they took there swearing mouths and left. My kids just stared at me. I said "well, if they can say what they want without regard so can I." We had a guy once follow us because we had the right of way and we "cut him off". He was yelling at us all through the parking lot and store until we called store security. THAT was scary. I think I'm more ready to knock a head off in most situations, but Rob was ticked that time.
On a nicer note: YEH! DISNEY!

Penny said...

Oh. My. Gosh!! Mama Belle, that is INSANE!!! I would have lost my mind. I have red hair to match my fiery temper, and I would have maybe not cursed at him, but I (as a girl) would have probably thrown a punch. That (very obviously) would have been the wrong thing to do.

I'm interested to know how my counselor husband would have reacted, though, lol. Our joke is always that he asks, "How does that make you feel?"