Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Four New "Little Angels" DVD Set Giveaways & My Interview with Roma (We're pretty much on a first-name basis now.)

Well, I did.

She was simply precious. And, I'm excited to tell you about her new children's DVD series and be able to offer four giveaways. Each giveaway includes two DVDs in the "Little Angels" series.

Each DVD teaches, not only a preschool learning concept, but life lessons through Bible stories.
This one ... ABC's ...

And, this one about animals.

I asked her a couple of questions.
What was your inspiration for this new DVD series and why did you want to get into this field?

Over the last few years, I had written a couple of children's books, so it's an area of the market that I've always had great affection for. I've raised three children myself and this idea had been growing inside of me probably since Touched by an Angel came off the air. It's no secret that I have a great love and affection for angels. I played one for almost ten years. I love kids and I love God. So to be able to combine what I do with what I love has been very, very exciting.

When I was a child growing up in Ireland, one of the prayers my parents taught and shared with me was a short little prayer: 
God in heaven, my Savior dear, watch over my children and draw them near. 
Send your little angels to be at their side, to light and to guard, to love and to guide.

And, that little prayer became one of the central inspirations for the whole series.

The stories on the DVD take place in the nursery of twins, Alex and Zoe. The action happens when the mother, voiced by Roma herself, is out of the room. There are eight angel characters painted on a mural in the nursery. These little angels come to life and connect with the twins, teaching them practical life skills and also introduce them to spiritual principles, where the twins get to meet and interact with Bible characters. Issues that the twins face are cooperation, obedience, being thankful, being helpful, forgiveness, and sibling rivalry.

One of the things I really appreciated on your DVDs was the fact that you took a moment to directly talk to moms in a real practical way. Is this going to be on all the DVDs?

I recorded a section called "Little Life Lessons with Roma" and I thought it would be a good chance for me to be directly speaking to moms and dad with ways to teach their children the lessons that were touched upon in that particular DVD and offer little parenting tips on how to tackle certain situations. You should learn to regard everything that happens with your children less as a challenge, and more as a teachable moment and opportunities for growth. 

I really did enjoy the DVDs and wish I would have had them as another option to VeggieTales, which are also phenomenal as you may know, when my girls were little.

You can also read here about MOPS giving "Little Angels" it's recommendation.

Here's a sneak peek:

I'm pumped about being able to offer 4 sets of the "Little Angels" series to 4 lucky readers. All you have to do is a leave a comment telling me who you're going to give these DVDs to and add your email so that I can contact you.

I will choose a winner on Thursday evening and post who the winner is on Friday morning.

Feel free to share this with all your mom friends. Get them to come on over and enter!


Nicole said...

These sound great! I'm a nanny for triplet girls who will be turning two next month. We'd love 'em!

Asher's gma said...

I would give the DVDs to my grandson, at 3 I bet he would love them and learn a lot too.

Anonymous said...

I will give these to my daughter's VBS teacher at church. She has 2 little ones that are so sweet and will love these dvds!my email addy is
thanks, Lisa Landry

Anonymous said...

I would give to my great neice who is not being raised by Christans so I could get God n her life. Denise Bennett (cajunangel516@yahoo.com

tinabest64 said...

These sound great. I would love to give them to my granddaughter who lives on the east coast. She's two years old and loves video's especially anything with animals. They currently aren't attending church so this would be a great way for her to learn.
My email is: Tinabest64@gmail.com

Kodi said...

I have two little guys at home and I try to make sure our screen time isn't always McQueen. ;) I'd love the opportunity to have these! kodibevelle at gmail dot com