Monday, November 7, 2011

Excuses, Excuses

(How appropriate for this time of year.)
I hate excuses. I typically think like a teacher when it comes to excuses ... unless you have a doctor's excuse or have had a death in the family, you really have no excuse.

OK. That's a little extreme, I know.

But, there is a doctor's excuse and a death involved in why I only had one post last week.

I also hate when people use the excuse of "I've been so busy." It makes my skin crawl. To me it's like saying, I'm the only one that's busy, everyone else is just sittin' around popping bon-bons and twiddling their thumbs. Come on, people. Everyone's busy. And, everyone has to make time for everything. That's life.

Whoa. That was kinda hard-hitting stuff to preface why I hadn't done a post.

So, here are my excuses:

#1 Beau had (and still has) a kidney stone, which included a visit to the ER two Fridays ago.

#2 Work has been overwhelming. We are currently moving offices and trying to continue to do all of our regular jobs. My two offices are in disarray.

#3 School stuff, soccer, cheerleading, piano, church ... 'nuff said. Something's happening every night. And, honestly, soccer is about to be the death of me. Praise the Lord that the last tournament this weekend!

#4 Attended a great women's conference this past week where I found out I have a bit of Gideon, Moses, and Jonah in me. Thanks, Amy Groeschel! (There was so much good stuff from Christine Caine & Priscilla Shirer too. Wow.)

#5 Multiple Christmas production rehearsals and memorizing lines that make MacBeth look like a children's program ... OK, I may be exaggerating a bit, but it's a lot for me.

#6 The crazy person that runs my house (me) is having a garage sale this weekend to help fund #7

#7 We're headed to Disney World in less than two weeks. So excited but so much to get ready for!

#8 Planning an awesome '70s disco party for the week I'm back from Disney = anxiety.

#9 Finding time to read ANY of my Bible study book is almost impossible. And, blogging here or at Joli even worse than that. What's worse than impossible? Not sure.

#10 Our fish, Silver, died this weekend. Memorial service was conducted by La Petite Belle as we buried him in the flower bed. He's been with us for years and had a pretty good life despite his few times out of the water where he was desperately trying to breathe.

Remembering that I'm a wife and mom first carries the most pressure of all!

Now, there ... these are my excuses. I hope you are more forgiving than me.

This song has been stuck in my head after this past weekend. I think it's because God wants me to remember that it's only through Him that I can make it in everything, big or small. This one line stood out, "I look to You. I won't be overwhelmed. Give me vision to see things like You do." That's what I want. If we saw things like He did, there would be no anxiety, no stress ... just the big picture.


Penny said...

It gets worse when students tell you they're busy...and you KNOW all they have are classes. Sure, classes are hard...but they need to try working 40 hrs a week AND taking a full load of grad classes. Grrr...

Disney is going to be so much fun!! I'm jealous! =)

Mama to da Drama said...'ve been so busy.

I guess you can't control what makes your skin crawl but, in your case, you HAVE been so busy.

It's not an excuse; it's the truth.

If I did everything you are doing right now, I would be chewing off the heads of everyone in my household.

So, in my case, if I am overwhelmed and asked to do one more thing, I say, "Nope. Sorry, too busy for that."

Better than being overcommitted! It's okay to say "no!"

It's actually one of my favorite words. don't hate.