Tuesday, October 11, 2011

You knew I wouldn't be able to let it go.

Remember, when I said yesterday that I didn't have the energy to write another post on modesty

I lied. Because here I go again.

But, this one's short and sweet and another take on the same old issue.

You can read back at my other post and get my take on the whole thing as far as why women dress inappropriately and how men are affected by that fact. That's all just common-sense stuff that we as women have learned over the years. Pretty basic.

We know how it affects men.

We know women who dress inappropriate have issues.

But, I never considered how much it affects our daughters. I mean ... I knew it did, but I guess I never really thought about how large the impact is until I noticed something this weekend.

Beau, La Petite Belle, and I were just minding our own business and trying to get some wholesome frozen yogurt. We stopped at Swirl in Houston.

As soon as I walked in, I was hit in the face with bosoms. Large bosoms. Bosoms being held up by a black strapless bra under a sheer light pink dress.


With a black bra under it.

Let me just say ... if you're putting on a black bra under something see-through, you obviously WANT your bra to be seen. It's a given. (then that goes back to my attention-getting theory)

But, wait. It was a little more extreme than just seeing the bra because the sheer top was almost cut down to the bra itself. Ridiculous.

We walked by the woman. I, of course, looked the other way. But, I actually wanted to tap her on the shoulder and preach her a little sermon. WWJD? He's probably sit and hang out with her. After her encounter, she would cover up. I didn't preach or hang out. I was there for yogurt with my family.

We got our yogurt and sat down. 

I noticed that La Petite Belle noticed the woman. She looked at her quite a bit.

My thoughts were ... "I hope she's not looking at this woman and thinking that what she is portraying is beautiful. I hope that she's looking at her and thinking that she's dressed inappropriately."

Then I thought about how much more she's bombarded, along with the rest of us, with many images of inappropriateness that is promoted as beauty.

I am now making it my mission to point out true beauty to my daughters ... not only modest beauty on the outside, but pure gorgeousness on the inside. They need good examples of this.

It's so hard as humans to not judge someone by what's on the outside, but I want to. I want to see the true beauty of each woman and girl I'm in contact with and I want my girls to learn to do the same.


Patrice said...

I have such issues with how women, not to mention young teenagers dress. My view comes from having teenager boys. We have taught our boys, talked to our boys and down right preached to our boys about girls that wear such things as the girl you seen at the yogurt shop. I get so frustrated because our teenager boys "can't help to look" as my middle son puts it. All in all it really gets to him.

He will tell me that he thinks that they are trash, BUT still, he will turn his head to look each time. A-N-D DO NOT even get me started with the pants that have something written across the butt...that is begging for someone to look at their behind!!!

There have been many times that I have wanted to walk up to some of these young girl and tell them what my boys think of them.

Okay, I am putting the 'ol soap box away....

Penny said...

It's got to be so hard raising daughters. My husband is terrified. He would love a little girl, but he's said so many times that he's worried about what it would be like raising a sweet girl in this world. But...success can happen. I'm an example of that, you're an example of that, and your daughters will be examples of that, too. =)

Alli said...

100% agree!

BaronessBlack said...

I'd be interested to hear what your girls thought. I remember having a conversation with my husband (who has a sister) about someone I thought was wearing something exceptionally revealing. His point was that he hoped she was wearing it for herself. If she was wearing it to elicit a reaction from other people, he found that a bit needy and pitiful. Which is not very attractive!
I wonder whether your girls saw someone who enjoyed dressing up, because it pleased her; or someone desperate for attention?

H-Mama said...

yep... i worry about the same things, girl. always on the look-out for true beauty... from the inside out.