Friday, October 21, 2011

On momentous occasions, make sure you let someone know when you're going to do your secret dance. (AND a winner!)

Remember the whole deal about me turning 40? And how I had a big awesome party with about 70 of my friends? Yeah. Remember that?

Well ... I forgot to tell you that Beau and I had worked on a secret choreographed dance the night before. Yeah. It was intended to delight and loosen up the crowd and to get them on their feet. (which it did)

But, here's where we failed. A couple of my friends knew we were thinking about doing it, but I hadn't told them yea or nay on the matter. 

So, when the moment came around when Beau and I were mentally preparing for our moment, I didn't tell anyone to record it. No one.

One friend got only Beau talking about how much he loves me and wants to dance the first dance with me. Then the video cut off after the first few seconds of the music. But, I will upload it for you just for fun.

And the other friend only got the very end of the dance, which was quite enjoyable to watch, but he continued to record so that the video is too large to upload. :(

Just take my word for it: Beau's got moves. (but I think you already knew that)

Now ...

Who's the winner of the $10 Starbuck's gift card?

Let's see ...

Random Integer picked #6.

Karis Brister ... you won! Because I know you, I'll be able to hand deliver that gift to you at church. Congrats!

Hoping to use some of your questions soon in my interview with Roma.

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Penny said...

Lucky Karis!!!

That is such a sweet video!! I'm glad you got that at least! =) How super sweet!!