Monday, October 10, 2011

New Discoveries

It was quite an eventful weekend, in which I came across many new things.

#1 - Ice skating birthday parties are too cold. 
I do not recommend them. Being frozen is not conducive to a pleasurable experience.

But, La Petite Belle & her friends had a great time!

#2 - Parents actually just drop their YOUNG children off at the skating rink and leave. 
No supervision at  all. When did this become acceptable?

#3 - I love Houston even more each time I visit.

#4 - IKEA  
(what we bought this weekend for La Petite Belle's room which we're knee-deep in remodeling right now, despite the fact that we haven't finished our kitchen re-model yet ... I will post pics of both once they're complete.)

This bed will be painted white.
3 of these DVD storage wall mounts

 A set of these ... 59 cents a piece!

 La Petite Belle's paint color of choice ... Caribbean Coast ...

... combined with one accent wall of this ... Southern Evening.

And ... finally ... our inspiration for what will hang over her bed. So sweet!

#5 - IKEA food is yummy!
Who knew?! Tilapia, ribs, and swedish meatballs all at a furniture store.

#6 - Inappropriately-clad women do not only affect men, but also my young, impressionable daughter who also notices their inappropriateness which I don't want her to mistake for beauty. Ugh. 

Really? I don't even have the energy to write another post on modesty. Just get it together, women. Get. It. Together.

#7 - Casa Manana (for my LA peeps) is delish! 
White queso with chorizo sausage, grilled shrimp tacos, and sopapillas!
If you're in Lake Charles, eat there.

#8 - Not exercising or eating right for a whole week fills me with guilt & possibly depression.
Even if I don't see massive results, I feel better when I'm doing the right thing. I'm sure there's a spiritual lesson in this. Guess who starts back at it today?

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Tammy said...

When I saw those words...Casa heart smiled big big! I am from Lake Charles and that is one of my most favo-right places to dine! Enjoyed lots of great laughter there with family and friends. Do you still have to lift the little flag to get Sopapillas? LOL Coldness does not like me either. I agree totally on the ice-rink-freeze-to-death-birthday-parties. Been there, done that, froze no likey.