Monday, October 31, 2011

My #1 Fan

Everyone needs at least one fan and I found mine this weekend.

As you know, most churches do a Halloween alternative. I'm so thankful that our church has an annual Jamboree where the kids dress up and get lots of candy {similar to Halloween, but not at all like it ;)}.

My girls have always loved this event. Of course, K Belle is too old for this, but La Petite Belle has at least one, maybe two more years to be involved in it.

This year's theme was "Extreme Heroes."

To my surprise, one of our good friend's daughters dressed up as me. I got such a kick out of it & of course, she was precious.

Here we are together. What a doll!

La Petite Belle took it a whole other direction by dressing up like her daddy ... not her mama ... her daddy because obviously that's way cooler. I'm not bitter. It's ok.

Here she is practicing how she'd carry it off.

Getting the look down.

On stage.

So fun!


H-Mama said...

that is so funny! your girl has the look down. ;)

Cathy said...

Too funny. She actually does look a lot like him.