Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I like the fierce & fabulous part, but the forty ... eh ... don't like as much.

So, yes, this will be my last post about being 40.

I can hear your sigh of relief ... "Yeah, we get it. You're old now."

My hubby & friends threw me this fabulous black & white party. Everything was awesome ... the food, the speeches, the dancing, and, most of all, the company.

The party was downtown at my favorite restaurant, Bonnie Bell's Bistro, which we rented out for the night.

Check out this fantastic cake: Red Velvet under chocolate fondant with edible diamonds. Yep ... awesome!

Beau emceeing the event and conducting the trivia game he came up with.

This table ... trying to get me to cheat.
A few photo booth shots:

My mom and dad

My favorite!

My girls ... They did all this.

Let the dancing begin ... This guy danced from 1st song to last.

The other one who danced during every song.

The girls that closed out the night (even Bonnie, the restaurant owner joined in).

What an awesome night! I feel so blessed.

Now ... onto 41. Ew. That sounds gross.