Friday, October 28, 2011

Glad that cat's out of the bag.

I don't mean to toot my own horn, but I'm VERY good at keeping secrets and surprising people. Beau ... not so much. And, my family ... even worse.

We were going to surprise the girls with our 3rd trip to Disneyworld. This time we would be there for Thanksgiving. It will probably be our last one for a long, long time seeing as our girls are getting up there in age. The next time we go may be with the grandkids .... Wait. What? Let's not think about that.

K Belle was told accidentally by an aunt last week. It really was quite innocent. So, La Petite Belle was the only one who didn't know.

We decided to go ahead and tell her in a fun way soon so that no one else would spoil the suprise.

K Belle and I planned a little scavenger hunt for her last night after she got home from soccer.

She was scared at first. We assured her nothing was going to jump out at her. She was very quick to find all the clues. Each clue came with a letter. When she collected all the letters, she was to unscramble them to give her her final clue.

It took a little while, but she go it!

Yay! So excited! In less than a month, we'll be at the most magical place in the world.


Karis Brister said...

That's awesome!!!! And soooo cute!

Soliloquy said...

Hey! We will be there too! Just Wednesday before TG. Thinking Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios... Not sure though. Let me know what your park schedule is!

Mama Belle said...

No way!

Well ... I think we're doing Hollywood Studios that day. My parents will be with us that day though. Are you guys there earlier during the week?

Sneaking off would be more difficult with my parents around, but any other time ... no problem.

What fun though if we could get coffee or something!

H-Mama said...

too cute. we were going to be there week after thanksgiving, but had a change of plans. our girls found out (we were going to surprise them, too), but opted to stay and perform in the fall/winter christmas theater production instead. go figure. ;)