Monday, October 3, 2011

Friends ... Gotta love 'em!

I came home Friday to this:

Actually, this is only one small portion of my entire yard, which was covered in yellow caution tape, black crepe paper, giant high school pictures of me, balloons, & posters telling people to honk because it was my birthday. 

Needless to say, I was surprised.

I immediately knew who the culprits were (after I texting my daughter that she was dead meat & she denied the decorating was her).

I thought that was the end of it. It was plenty. These friends had already done so much for my big party the next day.

But ... little did I know ... there was more.

As Beau and I were working on our dance (yes, that will be a topic for tomorrow's post), K Belle yelled for me to come upstairs because she had something to ask me.

I said, "No." I don't go upstairs to answer questions. My kids come downstairs to ask questions.

But, Beau kept encouraging me to go and find out what she wanted.

I said, "What is going on? What are you up to?" (He would never have told me to do that.) I knew something was going on.

I played along. I went upstairs.

K Belle asked me a random, unimportant question & my suspicions were confirmed: 
Something was going on.

I came downstairs and could even sense that something was definitely up.

Funny that I kept saying, "Discernment. Discernment. I knew it!"

Yep. I was right. These girls came to kidnap me to celebrate our last night of my thirties.

These masked bandits are my friends. They helped to make my weekend amazing! 

I love them ...

Even though they debated on whether or not to have a guy really kidnap me.


Yeah. These are my friends.

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BaronessBlack said...

Funny Ladies! I love how you all have the same smile in the last photo!
Wishing you many, MANY happy returns!
Have a GREAT day!