Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Who's teaching this kid her theology?

La Petite Belle made an interesting statement yesterday.

She said, "I have this deal with God."

I said, "Really?"

She said, "Yeah. I ask for the opposite of what I want and He'll give me the opposite."

I said, "What?"

She said, "Like I'll say, 'God, I don't want a pony. I don't want a pony. I don't want a pony. And, then God'll give me a pony.' It's this thing we have."

This child is trying reverse psychology on God, the Almighty. 

Then I had to explain how that's not how God works and she should know that. This child has been in church since birth. God says to bring our needs to Him ... to ask anything in Jesus' name and it will be given to you ... 

(unless it's a pony).

On a totally different note, I found this yesterday morning before the previous discussion.
(kinda messy, I know ... found on the back of a receipt, sitting in the cup-holder of my vehicle)

Whew! At least she's gets the most important part of what we've taught her.

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Cathy said...

But haven't you ever felt that way. Sometimes it seems that if we really want something we're afraid He won't let us have it, so we think we need to act like we don't want it. As if He doesn't know the truth. lol

But you know we just learned in our Bible study last night (Beth Moore's The Inheritance) that it is the nature of God to give, not to take. But I'm not sure I always quite grasp that. Sometimes I think I'm a little more like your daughter.

So anyway, now we're trying to learn how to act like an heiress, because if we are God's child, then that's what we are. An heir, and joint heir with Jesus! How awesome is that?!?

Sorry about going on and on, but your post just hit about where I am right now.

Have a great day, my fellow-heiress. :)