Monday, September 12, 2011

Per Request ... Beau in all his glory!

Got this sweet little comment last week:
I am trying to find an old post of yours in which , BEAU is on video and is very very funny, I bookmarked it a long time ago and would go there from time to time to laugh, I think he may have danced? I dunno but ...... I wrote you then and told you how much I appreciated that particular video, I have looked now for an hour, no luck, please share that old post/video again, I need a laugh and want to blog about it ! :)


I feel like Robert in "Everybody Loves Raymond."

 Always, always, always ... Everybody loves Beau!

The love is warranted. I get it. I married the man.

Although he's gotten a little crankier in his old age (Yeah ... he has. Haven't we all?), he still makes me laugh like no one else. And, he never fails to make life interesting with his daily antics.

Case in point: The Hair Ball (just one example)

He likes to clean out my brush and make tiny hair balls with the hair he's pulled out of it. He places the formed hair ball in different locations in our bathroom. Disgusting. I know. He says it's my hair so I shouldn't be disgusted.

It's a battle. And, you're in luck ... I've documented the most recent one.

To my surprise, I find this delicate hair ball on top of a vase on our vanity.

I move it on top of the toilet paper roll, knowing that I will be out all day and he will definitely be the next one to the toilet. Genius.

Later that evening as I go to pour my bath water, I find the hair ball on top of my shampoo bottle.

So, I move it to his cologne bottle & that's currently where it is at this moment.
And, the struggle continues.

Told you. With Beau, life is never dull. That's one of the things I love about him.

I'm not real sure if Anjie's referring to his eyebrow war video or his part in the "Dad's Got Moves." So I'll share both.

For any new readers, this is explained here, "The Great Eyebrow War."

And, "Dad's Got Moves." Um ... yes, he does.

Everybody Loves Beau.

I do too.


The Hat Chick said...

I saw the eyebrow post but this was the first time I've seen the Father's Day video. THAT. WAS. AWESOME. You are all so blessed with talent and a heart for your it!!!

sara said...

oh my word, I had not watched that video is so long!!! That was hilarious but the memory of it all just brings a huge smile to my face!!!

but just think...none of us would know about Beau without YOU!! We love you too!!

Tammy said...

Oh. My. Goodness!! That was so funny. I hadn't seen either. I know...crazy right?! I missed the father's day service. Wow!! We have such talent in our church! Beau is a riot. I have one of those at home too and as you said...never a dull moment around these parts. LOL :) But, don't underestimate yourself...your one funny Lady! I must say, I LOVE the hairball game. Too funny!! That toiletpaper roll was a genius move! Thanks for sharing!

Patrice said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I needed a great laugh!! Love both videos! :o)

Alli said...

My kids still love the eyebrow wars! :-)

Cathy said...

I remember these videos, but I had to show them to my youngest tonight. Too funny.

Mama Belle said...

As Beau read this post, he said, "Think she may have been talking about the mailman video?" Great. I don't even know if I have the right videos up. He's just too much of a celebrity.