Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mama didn't raise no sissy.

Text conversation between Beau & me while he was at La Petite Belle's soccer scrimmage.
(Real names are in the texts, seeing as we call our kids by their real names at home & not their blog names. So, please excuse this.)

Spoken like a true encourager of violence.

A little later, I got this text.

Needless to say, my girls are polar opposites. 

(Don't worry. K Belle laughed at the text when I showed it to her. She's got one great sense of humor, which she gets from me, of course. She's also aware of her natural non-athletic abilities. She's content to excel at other things.)


Patrice said...

HAHA! Love this! :o) We have the same thing at our house...our kids could not be more opposite if they tried!

Tammy said...

What is it with girls being so opposite? My girls are like night and day! Night. And. Day! But, each owns their own personalities greatly and with great success! I couldn't imagine them being any different than they are. :)