Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A penny for your thoughts ...


This question definitely got me thinking.

How many things do we not attempt to do because of the fear of failure?

For me ... A LOT.

It's the whole reason I got my degree in teaching. I knew I was good with children. I knew I loved children. I knew kids loved me. I knew that I would be a good teacher. And, I was confident and have always been confident in my teaching ability. It was safe.

I always dreamed about being a ballerina, a famous actress, and singer, but didn't pursue any of those outside of high school because I knew there were so many others better than me. So, what was the point? It was safe to stick with teaching.

It's easier to attempt to do things that we know we're good at. And, it's even more easy to step back and let someone else do the things that we may think we're not the best at. Then we have no worry, no stress, no problems. Easy peasy.

But, a lot of times, God has called us to do the very things we're afraid to do. (Not always though ... if you can't sing or dance worth a lick, He probably didn't call you to that.) 

Just look in the Bible. When we don't find our confidence from our own abilities, it forces us to rely on Him for everything.

Hmmm ... what WOULD I attempt?

What would you attempt?


Tammy said...

To be your backup singer. :)

Penny said...

Probably skydiving. ;) lol

Mama Belle said...

Tammy ... There is no fear in that. Come on!

BaronessBlack said...

Easy. I would go back and complete my degree in Radiotherapy; if I thought I could do three years of full time study without failing my family.
And one day, God willing, I will, but the waiting's hard!

phoebe said...

I would pursue my dream of getting my degree in family/teen counseling. I know God has called be to share my story/testimony with teens and young adults, but the fear that I have made that up in my head or that I wouldn't do well enough to help support my family is very scary. God is working on me and I am open to his will....just wish the devil would take his doubt and financial worries and get out! I pray that some day I am able to host a Teen Sumit with a movement for true purity and selflove, a movement where young women are taught their value and potential and young men are filled with wisdom and courage to be Godly husbands and dads! God will it, it will happen....I pray every day for this to come to fruition!