Monday, August 15, 2011

The night before the big day was not what was expected.

So, it's finally here ... The first day of school.

So much excitement in the house. So much anticipation.

Not just because it's the first day of school, but for K Belle, the first day of high school (and a new school of 2400 kids at that). Whew. That's serious stuff for a 14-year-old. I wish I could just go with her and hold her hand down the hall, make sure no one's bothering her, confirm that she has all the information she needs for each class, and assure that she's not eating lunch alone. But, obviously that would be extremely embarrassing. Now, that makes me have a little anxiety.

Ok. Calming down.

She'll do great! She's confident. She's friendly. She's smart. She's got a great smile. What's not to love? She'll do great! I'm sure of it.

La Petite Belle goes simply across the hall to her new 5th grade class. We're believing that this will be a much better year for her and she will excel and grow.

Although the house was filled with this excitement last night, it ended in drama.

Mama wanted a nice, peaceful evening, where we all talked about goals for the year ... a time where Mama would encourage her children and we would have a special time of prayer.

Instead, Mama lost her mind.

Yep, I did.

I was in cleaning mode as most moms are the day before school. We like stuff organized and ready to go.

I had given each of my girls a job to do yesterday: K Belle ...  to clean the downstairs closet, which she did, and La Petite Belle ... to clean out from under her bed (this was quite the task).

The losing of my mind occurred when Beau & I lifted her mattress to see if she had gotten everything out. 



I cannot even begin to describe to you what was under there. I'm surprised I didn't find any dead animals. I actually said these words, "This is like an episode of Hoarders." It was bad, ya'll.

It was similar to this little girl, except instead of hoarding dolls, it was GoGurt wrappers, fudge popsicle sticks, and bags of crackers. (We don't allow food in her room, mind you. So we have many issues to deal with.)

I couldn't handle it.

So, the night before her first day of school, I threw her bed out.


No more frame. No more box spring.

She's lucky I let her keep the mattress because, at one point,  I suggested that maybe she should just sleep in her sleeping bag on the floor for the next month or so.

My logic & explanation to her: Having a nice bed is a privilege. If you can't take care of what you have, then you shouldn't have it. When you have proven that you can take care of your room and can handle not putting anything under your bed (which is actually impossible right now), then we can consider you having a bed again.

Yep. See? Lost my mind.

But, on a side-note, I am giving away a queen-sized bed frame.

We'll revisit this bed issue in a month.

Maybe I was a little harsh ... nah. I bet she doesn't throw trash and junk under her bed anymore. And, don't worry. She'll survive. Her mattress is quite comfy.


sara said...

I've done a very similar thing with one of mine. though it is hard being a parent many times, it is sooooo much harder later on if you have not done the hard work early on.

Praying for a great first day of school for both girls and YOU! I always go out and do something fun for ME on the 1st and last days of school!!!

Dana Dawn Calverette said...

Thank you for sharing this today. I honestly thought I was the only mother who finds "snack wrappers" and the like under her kids' mattresses. We, too, have a no eating in the room rule. Sneaky little kids they are. I wish I COULD throw their beds out of their rooms, but, they are built in. I'd have to rip out sheet rock walls to get 'em out.

Tammy said...

This comforts me more than you know. :)

Lily said...

The last time I helped my 9 year old clean out the space under his bed, I was surprised that we didn't find Atlantis under there. I know exactly how you feel. It's amazing what finds its way under the bed- in particular things you don't allow in their room. One good note, they do tend to outgrow it...eventually. At least most of them do.