Monday, August 8, 2011

Jackson, MS ... You're cute and all ...

... but you need to get some stuff to do.


We arrived in Jackson Saturday a little after noon for Beau's "surprise" birthday weekend.

We were staying downtown, or should I say "the ghost town." No people. None. No cars. Nothing. 

We asked the front desk girl what there was to do downtown or where we could grab some lunch.

She laughed and said, "Nothing to do. And the restaurants are closed."

All the restaurants ... closed. It's a Saturday, Jackson. SAT. UR. DAY. Not Sunday. Saturday.

We drove around for about 30 minutes before we found a barbecue place that was open. Finally ... lunch at 2:30.

After lunch, we headed back to the hotel for a little nap ... perfect start to the weekend. We needed to be well rested for our night with Brian Regan.

Ya'll ... He was hilarious, which I expected because I had heard him several times before. But, Henry Cho was equally funny. We laughed a lot.

We headed over to Bravo! Restaurant. Both our dishes were yummy!
Here's mine ... a tomato-basil penne pasta with goat cheese & shrimp.

The best thing was the vanilla crème brûlée with caramelized bananas. Now ... I don't like bananas a whole lot, but I'm pretty sure anything combined with crème brûlée is delicious. Burnt sugar and cream would probably taste good on pigs' feet.

We slept as late as we could yesterday ... 8:30 a.m. Ridiculous. I remember being able to sleep until noon. Grrr.

Anyway ... we packed up and went to eat even more Jackson-goodness for brunch at Julep.
Beau's shrimp & grits ...

My fried green tomatoes & crabmeat eggs benedict ...

We posed the same question to our waitress about what we could do in Jackson on a Sunday afternoon. Her answer was the same, "Nothing."

So, guess where we went? 

We headed back to Louisiana to go antiquing in Denham Springs. We were on a mission to find some things for our new kitchen. We shopped tons of stores. So fun! We left with a $20 metal farm tub. I'll let you know what we used this gem for when we've completed our project.

After leaving Denham Springs, we stopped in Baton Rouge for you guessed it ... more food. Dessert at La Madeleine's, one of my favorite places. We split 3 desserts. I know. Wrong. But, they were small. Don't judge. See? Small.

Wow. This post has a lot to do with food. Hmm ...


It was a great relaxing weekend! Beau said we should definitely do overnight trips more often. Amen to that!

Happy Birthday to my Beau! 
He continues to hold the title of my favorite person in the world! I love him a lot.

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Katie@The Baby Factory said...

Your trip is like a little episode of "The Best Thing I've Ever Ate"....<3 that show. Mildly addicted ;)