Friday, August 5, 2011

I've gotten sloppy.

That's what Beau said when he ruined found out about his surprise birthday getaway yesterday.

And, I have to admit: I was a little sloppy.

I did things like leaving Brian Regan tickets just hanging out in my purse, mentioned something about needing a babysitter this weekend (to which he responded "why would we need a babysitter?"), and worst of all, didn't clear my internet searches.

I got overconfident. I've done this before and I do a pretty good job of surprising people.

Yep. I got cocky.

Beau is not typically on my computer, but was Wednesday night searching for some type of equipment for work. As you know, when you type a search in the search window, all the other searches pop up.

(Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Why didn't I clear that?)

And, what popped up? Just a bunch of searches I had done concerning our trip.

I non-chalantly asked him for my computer after he'd been on it a while, thinking that he could have possibly seen something. I immediately checked the history and sure enough saw two of my searches right in the middle of his searches.

That sneaky snake.

But, I said not a word.

Maybe he wouldn't have thought anything about it. No big deal for me to search restaurants in other cities or states. Why not?

The next morning as he's telling me how he doesn't want me to spend any money on his birthday, the truth came out. Too late. Money's already spent. Trip's already paid for. Surprise ... fail.

In the end, he was touched at the sentiment.

In the morning, we're headed to Jackson, MS on any overnight trip. We'll relax, see the sights, eat the food, see Brian Regan, relax some more, eat some more food, and come home the next evening.

Happy Weekend!

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Penny said...

Enjoy Jackson! I love that town. =)